MAFS' Ella and Mitch seen looking tense after uncomfortable commitment ceremony

While they may not have been the centre of a lot of the MAFS drama last week, Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud experienced some of their first hurdles last week.

The pair has been one of the strongest couples throughout the experiment so far, but things turned sour at last week's dinner party with viewers left shocked by Mitch's behaviour.

MAFS' Mitch and Ella
MAFS' Mitch and Ella during last night's uncomfortable commitment ceremony. Photo: Nine

Ella and Mitch were having a chat about whether or not he might see a relationship with her outside of the show when he, surprisingly, responded quite aggressively, that he didn't need any more from her because they'd already had sex.

"We’re two weeks in. Who knows? Who f***ing cares to be honest," he said.


"Well, I care," she responded, to which he said, "Who gives a s**t? We're less than a month in."

While Ella attempted to explain that she needed a little more reassurance from him about their relationship, Mitch hit back, "Well that’s your own f***ing problem for being insecure.

"How much more am I meant to reassure you? I’m hugging you, I’m touching you … I’m trying to be touchy feely, make you feel good. I’m trying my god damn best.

MAFS stars Ella and Mitch
MAFS stars Ella and Mitch were spotted looking particularly tense after the commitment ceremony. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

"Anyone on the street can tell you that you look good and try and get in your pants. I’ve already had sex with ya. That’s it. Done. You’re on my f***ing board. Done. I don’t know what you want from me."

Fans described the scene as "very concerning" with one user writing, "It was unpredictable, aggressive and mean and completely out of no where. This is not a person you want to be close to."

The experts didn't waste any time in questioning Mitch about his behaviour on Sunday night.

"She was saying, 'These are my needs. These are my insecurities,' and you completely dismissed them," John Aiken told Mitch, who added that the way he spoke to Ella was "demeaning" and "condescending".

The pair admitted they liked each other, with Mitch taking a little longer than he should have to say so.

Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained exclusive pics of the pair soon after the ceremony was filmed, and while they said things were going well at the time, the photos seem to show things are not so great.

Ella walks ahead of Mitch
Ella walked ahead of Mitch the entire time, with the groom keeping his attention firmly on his phone. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

On October 23, soon after filming the tense episode, Ella and Mitch were seen during a day off from production and looked anything but happy.

Ella walked ahead of Mitch the entire time, with the groom keeping his attention firmly on his phone.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle last week, Ella admitted that the couple's relationship progressed the most when the cameras weren't rolling as Mitch wasn't very comfortable in front of others.

Speaking of the Intimacy Week task they were given of a three-minute makeout session, which Mitch refused to do, Ella said: "I was obviously disappointed at the time, but I'm a very understanding person and by that stage I could really read Mitchell by his body language and his tone, and he was just very uncomfortable and I didn't want to push those boundaries for him."

Mitch keeps his eyes on his phone
The pair admitted on last night's episode that they do like each other, but it took Mitch a while to admit so. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

She continued, saying they did do some other tasks that weren't shown, "We did the hugging challenge and it was actually really quite beautiful, we felt very relaxed and calm.

"And we did the eye gazing challenge as well which was really nice, and we both felt like it took us back to our wedding day when we were just standing there meeting for the first time and really being present."

Speaking about her own portrayal on the reality TV show, Ella remarked that it’s "interesting to see how little" is being shown from her experience when so much was filmed.

"I am enjoying watching it back. So far I'm not too disappointed with much, I just hope that like they do show more," she admitted.

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