MAFS' Daniel addresses mental health struggles after concerning post

Married At First Sight star Daniel Holmes has opened up about his struggles with mental health following his concerning social media post on Friday.

The 31-year-old graphic designer left his fans worried after he shared an Instagram Story saying he felt “lost, lonely, scared” and had been crying “every day”.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes.
MAFS’ Daniel Holmes has addressed his mental health struggles after his concerning social media post. Photos: Channel Nine / Instagram/_danielholmes_

“I feel immense pressure, I trust no one,” he wrote. “I fail, then fail again. The ones I love hurt me, I hurt them back, I'm sorry.”

Daniel took to Instagram again on Sunday evening, this time sharing a video alongside his girlfriend Carolina Santos where they spoke about the social media post and shut down rumours that they had split.

“Hey guys, just want to make a quick Story addressing some of the s**t I said on my Story the other day, and also there were a couple of articles saying that we’d broken up and stuff,” he began.

“Still very much together,” Carolina added.


Daniel went on to say that his post had nothing to do with their relationship, he had just experienced “a really really bad day” last week.

“Over the years, most of my adult life I guess, I’ve struggled with some form of mental struggles and it’s kind of escalated since MAFS has finished up.

“I can look back in life and know that my life has progressively gotten better, but since MAFS there have been a lot of changes and a lot of risks and a lot of rewards, but also a lot of downfalls as well. And I guess a lot of the downfalls happened at once and it kind of just broke me a little bit.”

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos speaking on their Instagram Stories.
‘Since MAFS there have been a lot of changes and a lot of risks and a lot of rewards, but also a lot of downfalls as well.’ Photos: Instagram/_danielholmes_

‘We really appreciate it’

Daniel ended his post by saying he would like to forget and move on from the incident, while Carolina thanked her followers for reaching out.

“I received so many lovely messages from you guys being worried about Daniel and sending him love and support and I just want to thank you all for that, it means a lot and we really appreciate it,” she said.

“I know that within me I’m a happy person,” Daniel concluded, with Carolina adding, “We wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good days if we didn’t have the bad ones.”

MAFS' Daniel and Carolina.
Carolina thanked followers for their messages of love and support. Photo: Channel Nine

‘It’s television, it’s not murder’

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this year, Daniel and Carolina spoke openly about what the viewer reaction was like for them after they ‘cheated’ on the partners they were initially paired with.

“People are really nice on the streets, it’s mainly on social media [that people are rude],” Carolina said.

“But I've seen a massive turnaround in the comments, that's for sure," Daniel said, with Carolina adding, "I think because we're still together, so people are starting to go like, 'Okay, well it's not too bad, they’re still together, it was real’.”

The couple also said that they “don’t have any regrets at all” from their MAFS experience.

“After all, it’s television, it’s not murder,” Daniel remarked. “It’s really hard to disassociate that because you’re constantly getting so many messages. But it’s like, I should have done more if anything. Who gives a shit, it’s just TV.”

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