MAFS' Carolina admits she went on the show for 'exposure'

Married At First Sight season nine star Carolina Santos sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack her time on the show.

Video transcript

- At first to feel like, oh, they've used me. That they've [? F'd ?] me over and stuff. But like now, it's just like, no, I went there for exposure. I don't want to [? date. ?] They can tell you whatever they want to tell you, I actually have my own friends from the show saying, no, I went there for love.

And I'm like, you either lying or you silly. You like, honestly, what's the success rate of this show? Like, honestly, it's like lower than going to a bar and meeting someone. Like, why would you go there for love?

You can see that most people that go on MAFS, they have a business or they either want to be real influencer's or they have some sort of business that can leverage from it. Like, there's a lot of PT'S, makeup artist, like all sort of business that can benefit from being on MAFS.

If you don't have a business to benefit from, where you're actually only going there for attention, which it's actually worse. So watch out for those people, if they don't have a business that can benefit from there, like they're koo koo, they're desperate for attention, they attention seekers.

I went there, I do have a online business. That was my like my first thought when I applied for MAFS. I was like, I can bring some exposure for my business. But yeah, I think everyone wants to find love. Like, you know, like if I find, how cute it would have been to find love on TV? But if you don't, you're like, that's not the main reason that people go on MAFS.