MAFS star Bronson's brother 'murdered by bikies'

There was barely a dry eye in the house when 34-year-old Bronson‘s father took the floor on his wedding night and revealed that “three people are missing”.

Sadly, Bronson has lost two brothers and his mum, all unexpectedly and in somewhat mysterious circumstances that have made it difficult for the businessman to get closure.

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Bronson was just a teenager when the first tragedy struck. His brother Sasha was murdered in 2003, and while no one has been found responsible for his death, his dad Neil believes bikies were involved.

‘He [Sasha] was into drugs and got involved with a bikie gang recovering debts for them,” Neil tells the Daily Mail.

Sasha’s housemate was also involved, and after he was brutally murdered, Sasha decided to call it quits. Tragically, he was found dead in his car less than a year later.

Sasha’s death was presumed a suicide, but Neil believes otherwise, saying, “The bikies got him and gassed him.”

Despite this, Bronson tells TV Week, “You can’t hold a grudge. I wake up every day and strive to be happy. I hang around with happy people. If you surround yourself with sorrow and anger, it will eat away at you.”

A year later, Bronson’s mum passed away following unexpected medical complications, and in 2010, another brother Brodie, died in mysterious circumstances.

According to the Daily Mail, Brodie was found dead in his bathroom five days after getting married. The cause of his death was never conclusively determined, but it’s believed he may have had tachycardia, a heart problem that can cause sudden death.

In spite of everything Bronson and his family have been through, he maintains a positive outlook on life, which is one of the reasons the show’s experts said they matched him with 28-year-old Ines.

Even on his wedding day, his positivity certainly shined through and he continually looked for ways to make things work with Ines, despite her rude behaviour.

Photo: Nine

Naturally, after watching their wedding, fans were quick to feel sorry for the handsome groom as their relationship looks to be headed for disaster.

However, Clinical Psychotherapist Claire McHalick thinks the pair might actually be a better match than any other couple. 

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