The MAFS antics riling up Angie Kent: ‘It feeds my anger bodies to the brim’

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's MAFS 2022 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything on the controversial reality show.

selfie of Angie Kent looking serious
Angie Kent returns for her last MAFS column of the year. Photo: Instagram/Angie Kent

We planned our last two months around this VERY moment.

The Reunion Dinner Party for MAFS 2022 was delivered to us on a dirty platter on Sunday and then the FINAL FINALE on the Monday! Seriously, this show was like the gift that kept on giving.

Just when I was counting my lucky stars thinking Sunday was it…. The MAFS producers were stroking their large egos and rolling in the success of the ratings like, psyche ya, still got Monday to sit through too.

Unfortunately (but also low key fortunately because I can’t help it and I do love a cheeky spoiler) there have been SO many spoilers leading up to this reunion, but I'mma still buckle up and going to pretend to be shocked by the ghastly behaviour that continues to unravel until the very last breath taken on this season.


MAFS addiction

I have to say that I have never dedicated this much time to this show before, and I don’t think I have it in me to do it again, hey. It’s consuming.

The toxicity, the time, the devotion, the rumour mills, the fact that it is as clear as day that some of us women are still allowing men to do the bare minimum in relationships and giving platforms to full blown narcs, and then watching women just absolutely tear down other women. It just feeds my anger bodies to the brim.

I am too sensitive for this shit. I came, I saw, I semi conquered, so I am going to give it one last shot and then I am going to do a deep cleanse and maybe ‘hide’ anyone that continue to talk about any of these people. Not that I don’t like them, some of them I eat right up… but merely because I can’t see or hear about this season anymore, it’s too addictive and not in a good way.

It’s like when you go through stages of watching way too much porn. After awhile you’re like wow girl, I think you have a problem and perhaps you don’t need to scroll for 1-2 hours to find that perfect clip. Just do it already. If you know, you know. It’s a hurts so good kinda feeling.

Back to it…

MAFS star Al doing a shoey
Angie just doesn't understand the obsession with Al. Photo: Nine

Our old school faves are back in the building! Our kooky queen Holly, freakin kookier than ever.

Al, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at any given situation to make sure he’s always getting that sweet sweet air time.

Why are we obsessed with Al?

Controversial opinion, is it just me or is this whole Al obsession totally over rated? He is endearing, I get that, but I just feel like he is getting WAY more street lovin than deserved.

If I knew all I had to do was pretend I wanted to get married and do shoeys, the worm, burp in peoples faces and things of that nature, for people to become obsessed with me, I mean I probably still wouldn’t do any of those things (maybe the worm, I’d give that a go)… it’s good to know for future contestants I guess. Take note future MAFS victims.

Also, another potential controversial opinion comin' up: Why is Dion everyone’s favourite? I also get confused by this.


I get he got poorly treated by Carolina and he was kind of like the underdog with the broken heart, but she straight up told him that she wasn’t interested and he almost pretended every time to not hear her straight up say that she wasn’t interested…. and excepted her to love him anyway and almost couldn’t let it go?

And not to mention he really did the absolute most to make her feel rubbish about not picking up what he was putting down. Not all women have to like you. Even if they are your fake wife for a few weeks. Actually, especially if they are your fake wife for a fews weeks.

I think she could have left him for sure, and not did the whole affair thing, but hey, it’s reality TV and that’s just not the way it works. That is how some of them get that their airtime.

Plus, let’s not even pretend Dion didn’t love every extra minute of making those very lengthy speeches he got to do at least eight times. I guess everyone got what they wanted out of that situation - airtime.

mafs stars Dion and Carolina on the couch
Why didn't Dion and Carolina just walk away? Photo: Nine

It was a bit of a sad one when Jack walked in by himself, but again, I get best friend vibes from Dom and Jack and there is nothing wrong with that.

The fact that Olivia, Sam and Tamara are making out that it was a ‘ha- ha -sucked- in -see- I -told- you- so’ moment that Dom and Jack are no longer together was dire to watch. Sam coming in with the whole ‘Oh is it because Dom is SO dramatic and that’s why it didn’t work?’. Jack stands there like a legend and shut that shit right down. As per.

Was it cheating?

Which brings me to old mate Brent. He is tampin’, fumin’, ragin’ about Tamara. I mean, to be honest…. I thought the whole Tamara and Mitch scandal was so boring and unnecessary to be worked up over.

Was it cheating? Again, it was so clear Tamara and Brent were done. Who cares if she wanted to hangout with Mitch? If he was with Ella still then I would get why Ella would be upset 100%. But why was it Brent's storyline?

Perhaps I am missing something? It’s like in the Bachie nation world right, they allllll date each other, when one of them doesn’t work out with the other, they try the next. I wasn’t going to go kick off when the fellas I didn't end up with went on Bachelor in Paradise and dated girls I knew of from the Bachie world?

Everyone dates everyone in the reality TV world. It’s almost like it’s part of the contract and plus, you bond through trauma. Double plus…. if anything… Tamara and Mitch deserve each other. They can gaslight one another all while picking on people who wait tables at restaurants they go to on their real world dates now!

I think Brent came off well overall in the edit, and he should know, for anything to do with post show drama and press, that less is more, AND it pays to be the bigger person.

Tamara from mafs
Why was the Tamara and Mitch scandal part of Brent's narrative? Photo: Nine

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain in these situations, and something funny tells me that he may not be as Mr. Nice guy as he seems.

I saw a couple of cheeky Insty posts that quickly got taken down after they received some backlash aka the hard truth, of him at Dominica’s viewing party she held for the reunion and lets just say they were white telling. But hey, I hope I am wrong. I have been many times before.

So many red flags

Mitch and Ella…. I can’t believe Ella took Mitch back after he could not commit to her at the final vows. Such disappointing news. I’ve heard all the rumours that they aren’t together anymore and thank F*CK for that.

I just don’t get the appeal of him TBH. He gives me second hand anxiety and I feel like all they have in common is that they love to bang and joke about banging… which is all very nice when you’re in your twenties, but then you’re going to grow up and real responsibilities are going to come in and he can’t just stick it in every time shit gets hard and not kiss you on the lips.

Remember when he said he doesn’t like kissing? That was SO weird to me. That was red flag number one out of the 400 he was flapping around throughout the entire season that Ella just kept dodging like a pro.

ella and mitch from mafs
Ella was just dodging red flags left, right and centre. Photo: Nine

The biggest shock of all was Cody dumping Selina right after the dinner party. He had one more night to get through with the reunion couch session and then he could have broke it off with her! Not make her sit there after putting her through the absolute ringer the entire season and I am more than sure in between when filming ended and the reunion started.

My question is why? It was so obvious that he was not interested in her the entire season. Serving her dry oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then we had to live through the commitment ceremony with hopes Selina knew her worth and buggered off, or he would put her out of her misery and let her go.

Then the dinner party reunion we had to tightly bite our tongues and pretend to be happy that they were still together…. AND then he had to go and ruin the god damn couch commitment reunion finale episode.

Was it all for some extra air time? Was it the right timing? Did he have that little respect for her that he could have saved her the embarrassment and not done it on national television? So many questions!

I guess we will find out when they all break contract and do their interviews. And best believe I will be tuning in. Even though I said I didn’t ever want to hear anymore about it.

Future contestants beware

I must say, as much as this show is a guilty pleasure, it is extremely detrimental to one's mental health to watch, so I cannot even imagine being a part of it. That would really f*ck you up.

But you know what, I am going to try not to invest too much of my precious kind heart into the people who actually go out of their way to sign up for this icky icky show.

They know the drill. Just watch any of the last four seasons to know that you’ve got about a one in a million shot of finding your future husband and/or wife, and if you think you are going to go on and get a solid edit.. you probs won’t, hey.

So save yourself and just get on the ol tinder, hinge etc etc, there’s plenty of crazies on there to date without all of Australia getting in your business.

But if you do want most of Australia to know all of your business… go nuts! We’ll see ya next year on MAFS 2023. But don’t come cryin’ to us about it because you have been warned, time and time again.

One last thing: leave them all alone now I feel. I think them, and all of us have had enough of this comedy of errors and if you don’t like someone from the show or you don’t care for them… don’t look, don’t invest, don’t follow… just let them live their out of MAFS lives.

They have given us what we wanted, a perfect storm and extra anxiety. So let them enjoy their blue ticks and be on their merry way.


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