MAFS groom regrets cheating admission on wedding day

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
MAFS groom Steve Burley regrets his cheating admission on his wedding day. Photo: Channel Nine.

Married At First Sight groom Steve Burley, 52, has revealed that he has regrets about the bombshell cheating admission he made at his wedding to Mishel Meshes.

During the reception dinner, the UK-born barbershop owner told Mishel’s daughter Eva that he had been unfaithful to a former partner and the shock news left his new bride - who had been cheated on seven times before - in tears.

Appearing on Talking Married in Monday night’s episode, Steve told host Shelly Horton he would go about breaking the news very differently if he had his time again.

“I wish I had spoken to Mishel about it, instead of speaking to her daughter,” he said.

Nevertheless, Steve confirms that he still stands by his decision to come clean about his past, despite the dramatic effect it had on his new wife.

“I think it was really important to tell her... because I had nothing to hide,” he told Shelly.

“And yeah I did do that [cheat], and it was a disgraceful, despicable thing to do, and I owned it on the day,” he added.

Steve and his bride Mishel have a serious chat in the wake of his cheating bombshell. Photo: Channel Nine.

When pressed by Shelly about his opinion on the old saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater,’ Steve’s response was firm.

“As far as I’m concerned people can change and I have changed and it’s simple as that,” he said.

“This was something that happened a long time ago, and I can either look to the past and live in the past, or I could look toward my future, and that's what I did,” he added.

Steve’s cancer shock

Elsewhere in their chat, Steve opened up about his shock testicular cancer diagnosis eight years ago and the impact it had on the five-year relationship he had with his then-fiancée.

“Yeah well, I don't think it was one of the reasons we broke up, but yeah, I was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago,” he revealed.

“It was testicular cancer and it changed my life, to be quite honest. Even when I talk about it now I get a lump in my throat,” he added, clearly emotional.

“For the relationship that I was in, it was a five-year relationship, we were engaged to get married. Obviously, that fell apart for other reasons, but she was super supportive towards me, and I will be forever grateful because of that”.

Steve isn’t the first MAFS 2020 participant to detail their health battles, with bride Tash Herz revealing her cervical cancer scare earlier this week.

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