Madonna Fan in Wheelchair Speaks Out After Singer Questioned Her for Sitting at Concert


After Madonna received backlash for questioning why a fan at her concert was sitting down, only to learn that she was in a wheelchair, the fan finally shared her side of the story.

Vanessa Gorman, a huge fan of Madonna's, was at the Vancouver show when the singer called her out. She opened up to TMZ about the experience, noting that she was surprised Madonna had difficulty seeing her wheelchair, as it was bright pink.

But she stated that she didn't believe Madonna was being mean with her comments, emphasizing that it was a mistake, and the 65-year-old quickly apologized once she realized the situation.

Gorman also said, "Some people are in wheelchairs and can stand—she had no idea I was paralyzed."

The fan added that she didn't realize the singer was addressing her at first during the concert interaction, but once she did, she took the chance to tell Madonna how much she loved her. Gorman also shared that she had a great time at the concert.

When the video of Madonna and Gorman's interaction first came out, many criticized the singer for making assumptions, calling her "insensitive" and saying the fan deserved a stronger apology. Madonna shared no further comment after the concert.

Madonna is currently on her Celebration Tour, which began in October and includes dates in Europe and North America. She continues to make headlines for surprising concert moments, whether it's a collab with rapper Cardi B or a smooth recovery after stumbling on stage.

The impressive tour comes after the star was hospitalized last summer for days with a severe infection. Madonna opened up about the experience a bit during her concerts, telling fans that she was in "an induced coma for 48 hours." Since then, she has worked hard to get back into tip-top shape and continues to impress with her career-spanning performances.

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