Luke Mitchell Reveals the Short-Lived Roles He’d Like to Revisit

Before Luke Mitchell made a home on Chicago Med this season, the ubiquitous Australian actor appeared on many, many TV shows, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Blindspot, The Code, Legacies and Big Sky.

But it’s Mitchell’s breakout Stateside role on The CW’s The Tomorrow People, where he played the superpowered group’s leader John Young, that stands out for the actor. When asked which of his past characters he would like to revisit, Mitchell is quick to single out the short-lived series, which aired during the 2013-14 TV season.

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The Tomorrow People always deserved more than one season, and I think that was underappreciated,” Mitchells tells TVLine. “I just think that was poor timing. It was kind of like the year before all the superhero shows kind of broke out.” (While Arrow was in its second season at the time, The Flash and the rest of the CW’s Arrowverse spinoffs had yet to premiere.)

Mitchell adds that he “loved” his character on The Tomorrow People, which “will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Another gone-too-soon CW series also made Mitchell’s list of gigs he wishes had lasted longer: The Republic of Sarah, about a small New Hampshire town that claims independence, courtesy of a mapping loophole, to stop mining trucks from destroying the picturesque hamlet. Mitchell co-starred as Danny, a lawyer for the mining company who also happened to be the brother of the town’s new leader, high school history teacher Sarah (played by Stella Baker).

“I think Republic of Sarah was such a beautiful little show, and I definitely would’ve loved exploring that character more and playing in that world more,” Mitchell says.

The Republic of Sarah Danny/Ellen
The Republic of Sarah Courtesy of The CW (x2)

The drama tackled a difficult topic with nuance in its depiction of the complicated relationship between Danny and his alcoholic mother Ellen (Megan Follows), who physically abused her son when he was younger. Danny’s attempts to deal with the trauma and an emotionally challenging confrontation with his mom earned Mitchell a spot in TVLine’s Performer of the Week column.

When I mention that the storyline was not one that you see very often on TV, Mitchell affirms, “No, and certainly not [on] The CW. It was pretty heavy subject matter.”

“I know for a fact that Jeffery [Paul] King, our showrunner, had five, six seasons mapped out already. So there was definitely plenty more story there to tell,” Mitchell continues.

Which of Mitchell’s past characters do you wish could be “resurrected”? Hit the comments to share!

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