Love Island's Courtney Stubbs slammed over 'dangerous' underwear snaps: 'Toxic'

"Remember to be kind to yourself and be patient."

Last November, former Love Island Australia star Courtney Stubbs welcomed her first child with her former MAFS star partner, Jack Millar.

Just four months later, the 26-year-old has taken to Instagram to share an update on her postpartum weight loss, with many followers sharing their thoughts on the matter.

"[Four] month postpartum body check in. All the details on the reality of my weight loss 🤍," she wrote. "I’m feeling grateful and happy with where I’m at… I’m a lot more confident in my body. I want to tone up more but hey I’m my own [worst] critic. I say this every body check in but it’s just the truth. As women, I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves to look our best.

Love Island Australia's Courtney Stubbs in her underwear
Love Island Australia's Courtney Stubbs has been slammed after sharing what her followers deemed as a 'dangerous' weight loss post. Photo: Instagram/_courtneystubbs

"In saying that, it’s important to focus on feeling our best, fuelling our bodies. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which is insane."

She shared some of the ways she lost weight, including breastfeeding, which she says burns between 500-700 calories a day, walking 9km two to four times a week, going to the gym once a fortnight, and fasting until midday, which she says was recommended by a naturopath.


When it comes to diet, Courtney is a vegetarian, with her lunches generally consisting of a salad sandwich, and dinners are some form of vegetarian curry or pasta. She doesn't snack but indulges in two Tim Tams a day.

"Every body is different, and this is my story," she added. "This post is not out there to compare yourself to my journey. I only want to give insight on where I’m at and how I got here. Weight loss after pregnancy can vary so much… genetics, metabolism but also breastfeeding. I’m grateful for where I am."

Courtney finished by saying, "I’m so proud of anyone out there on their own weight loss journey. Remember to be kind to yourself and be patient, Mummas!! There’s no rush on the time. You have a baby/kids to look after, they always come first. Exercise when you can, take your bubba on that walk. Fuel your body, healthier food but enjoy the treats! You deserve it. You’re doing a massive job!"

Courtney Stubbs in her undies
While her post wasn't meant to offend her followers, many shared that they thought it was "triggering" and "toxic". Photo: Instagram/_courtneystubbs

Her followers were quick to share their thoughts, with one user writing, "Oh this post is so damaging to so many postpartum women. Everyone’s body and weight journey is different & unfortunately whilst this post might make you feel good, it makes a lot of women feel like shit. So out of touch."

"You look amazing but this post’s caption is contradictory in itself," another added, "'Don’t compare yourself to others,' however here is an extremely detailed diet and exercise plan that works for me and that no one asked for 😂. Please be aware of your influencer status and how it could make pregnant mums/PP mums and all mums in general feel. There is too much pressure already, we don’t need to add to it."

"Really? Come on, this just isn't necessary and just feeds to the terrible societal norms of women 'should be like' and it's wrong!" a third wrote. "Do you really want to be a part of this pressure that women are under! It's really sad and so damaging."

"This is not realistic for a lot of women, the first at least 6 months would probably be best just nurturing yourself and the bubba, concentrating on weight loss just adds pressure," someone else added.

"Fasting at all when breastfeeding isn’t recommended, I’d say your naturopath needs to reconsider their advice so it’s specific to the needs of a breastfeeding mother particularly when you haven’t even hit 6 months when the potential big iron crash often occurs," one user said. "You want to be fuelling your body right now and eating frequently. I appreciate you have bloating and gut issues but fasting until midday while breastfeeding feels worrying for me.

"It might feel ok now but the postpartum hair loss, the brittle nails, the huge hormone shifts postpartum depletion is very real for women who are eating frequently I would really worry about the long term effect on your body and mind."

Courtney Stubbs with daughter Penelope
Courtney with her daughter Penelope. Photo: Instagram/_courtneystubbs

"As a public figure, this post is irresponsible and promoting unhealthy and unrealistic methods for losing weight to other breastfeeding mums," another added. "It also is simply adding to the pressure new mums feels. That’s great you feel good about it but this is honestly tone deaf and dangerous to post. It’s disappointing to see."

Others simply wrote that they thought the post was "damaging, extremely triggering and dangerous," while one described it as "toxic". Many others wrote that they were unfollowing Courtney and that her post was particularly damaging for those who may either have or are recovering from eating disorders.

Some followers defended the influencer, with one user writing, "You look absolutely amazing 🤩 and why shouldn’t you share your amazing achievements! You’ve worked hard to bounce back so quickly and have every right to share and be proud! It’s hard work getting your body back, I know I’ve done it twice, [in] quick succession!


"I wanted to work hard and get the baby weight off quickly because it made ME feel better! So you keep doing you and don’t worry what others say! You’re smashing it."

"Reading the comments I honestly believe we can’t win as women," another said. "Whether you choose to share or not… it’s judged. As women we profess to build each other up, sadly I don’t see this. We shame each other. Whilst your journey may be different than a lot of women, it’s yours.

"You shouldn’t be made to feel bad for doing worse or better than another, it’s all subjective right? I’m glad you’re feeling good about where you are at. This is your journey and it sounds to me like you have been asking for advice and looking at your whole picture of health not just your weight."

For confidential support about eating disorders and body image issues you can free call the Butterfly Foundation National Hotline on 1800 33 4673.

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