Love Island Australia suffers awkward gaffe

Sarah Carty
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Love Island Australia kicked off last night, with ten eager singletons ready to find love, however, it seems they show suffered an awkward gaffe before it even began.

Last week, pictures of all ten contestants were uploaded to the Love Island Australia Instagram page, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that there were actually 11 bios on the official Channel Nine website for the show.

However, on the official Love Island Australia website, Maurice is listed as the 11th Islander. Photo: Channel Nine

27-year-old Maurice Salib was left out of the official announcement, which lead people to think that may he would come into the show as an intruder at the end of the first episode as the bombshell surprise, and perhaps his bio was uploaded to the Nine website by mistake.

But last night, Maurice walked into the villa as part of the first five boys introduced to the villa, leaving us all scratching our heads.

It turns out Eoghan was actually the intruder, and it seems like Channel Nine was just playing games with us when they made their first official Instagram announcement, which included Eoghan in the original line-up.

Cynthia snubbed

It’s not the only awkward moment that went down on the show last night, after contestant Cynthia Taylu was snubbed by potential partners.

Despite her show stopping looks and bubbly personality, the 22-year-old model was picked last during the initial partnering, even after she stepped forward for Mattt Zukowski, who ended up choosing Vanessa.

“These blokes are obviously f***ing blind!” wrote one angered fan. “Do they not see Cynthia there in front of them.”

“The one woman of colour being chosen last by clones of the same looking guys,” quipped another.

Cynthia Taylu was snubbed by potential partners. Photo: Channel Nine

Others were quick to point out Cynthia’s role as Love Island’s only non-white contestant was an important one for representation in the largely non-diverse world of reality TV.

“This show is a sad indictment of Australian culture and the way difference isn’t embraced,” one user wrote.

Another discussed why fans should ‘rally behind Cynthia’ during her stint on the dating program, regardless of how she’s received by the other singletons.

“[She’s the only] black girl on the show who once again plays the role of token diversity inclusion to prove it isn't discriminating...even though it is.”

Army of supporters

But all was not lost, as many users were quick to offer the contestant advice and encouraged her to enjoy the experience regardless of whether she finds love or not.

“If I was Cynthia I would enjoy my free holiday and stay hydrated and moisturised,” one fan advised.

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