Love Island Australia's biggest scandals over the years

With the original Love Island UK having had seven seasons and two celebrity seasons, it's no wonder they've had a few scandals over the years.

From public sex to de-throned beauty queens, the reality stars haven't held back when it came to putting it all on the line for love and potential post-show fame.

But despite Love Island Australia just starting its third season, there have already been a few scandals that have rocked the viewers and villa alike!

And with this season's participants spilling the beans in a game of Never Have I Ever, the newest islanders may still have a long way to reach some of the scandal levels of the past... of maybe not?

Grant Crapp's secret girlfriend

love island winner Grant Crapp lies about being single
Despite winning with Tayla, Grant had secret girlfriend Lucy at home. Photo: instagram/@loveislandau;instagram/@grant_crapp

The first season of Love Island Australia saw Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir win the show, meaning the couple shared the prize pool of $50,000. However, it wasn't long before Tayla was crying into her cocktail when she discovered the rumours of Grant having a long-term girlfriend were true.


"He denied it when we were in the house and I just had this gut feeling to follow through with it," Tayla told TheFIX.

"I finally got the answer that was the truth: he was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the Villa."

Grant had been seeing Lucy Cartwright before he entered the show and continued to see her after. The couple now have a baby daughter together - Charli.

Maurice's secret girlfriend

Love island Maurice had a secret girlfriend
Maurice's intentions on the Island were not true! But his secret girlfriend, Christie, has since moved on without Maurice. Photos: instagram/@loveislandau;@mauricesalib; @christieswadling

Media exec Maurice Salib was pretty unpopular with the viewers from the get-go after they accused him of gaslighting his fellow islanders.

"I have so much respect for Jessie for calling Maurice out on his gaslighting bullshit! #loveislandau," Jules said on Instagram, as reported on

However, that wasn't the only thing Maurice was hiding. He also had a secret girlfriend.

"I was seeing Christie for approximately two months and I called things off with her because I didn't see things unfolding to how I saw it unfolding," Maurice told Now To Love.

"It wasn't official, neither one of us labelled it or made it official, it wasn't Facebook official if you like."

But when Maurice came out of the Villa he saw things a little differently.

"The amazing beautiful Christie Swadling! I love her to bits and I'm so excited to get back to Australia so I can have a conversation with her."

By the looks of her Instagram though, Christie has since moved on with her fiancé Joel Price.

Elias and Justin's off-camera fight

Love Island stars Justin Lacko and Elias Chigros
Elias Chigros and Justin Lacko fought over Elias's on-camera remarks. Photos: Nine Network

Personal trainer Elias took it upon himself to tell male model Justin why he wasn't getting as much attention from the girls on the show.

"Girls have said that they think you’re camp," Elias said. "Not referring to your sexuality at all, but like the way that you’re flamboyant… anyone who deserves to be with you, should easily be able to see past that.

Afterwards, Elisa revealed: "After that comment was made he had a very adverse reaction too off-camera, it kind of got to the point where he said words and he might not have made it back into the villa."

After the show. Justin said that Elias shouldn't have been on the show.

"Elias was not in there for the right reasons, and I feel like some poor guy has lost his opportunity of walking in there trying to find love," Justin told

"He may be like Tarzan but I don’t see any girls swinging towards him," he added.

Given they are both male models now, perhaps they should have had a pose off - Zoolander style. Blue steel at dawn boys!

Love Island is on Monday to Thursday on Channel 9 and 9 Now.

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