Love Actually star teases 'big' reunion project celebrating 20th anniversary

'It's going to be a really lovely, feel-good thing to go and enjoy.'

Love Actually star Martine McCutcheon has teased an upcoming project celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beloved Christmas film.

The 2003 rom-com has become a modern-day holiday classic, with the screenplay following 10 interconnecting romantic stories in London in the lead-up to Christmas.

Love Actually's Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon.
Love Actually’s Martine McCutcheon has shared details about an upcoming project for the film’s 20th anniversary. Photo: Universal

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Martine revealed that she had reunited with the film’s writer and director Richard Curtis for an exciting new project.

“He is doing something that is going to be celebrating Love Actually big time,” she teased. “He asked me to be involved and I was very honoured and flattered and of course said I would. I wish I could have done more than I have, Richard, but hopefully my tiny contribution will be a nice little part.

“I’ll keep you guys posted about what it is, but I think it’s going to be a really lovely, feel-good thing to go and enjoy.”


Martine added in the caption that she could never have imagined Love Actually would remain such a popular film two decades on from its release.

“For me, being a part of such a huge project that explored so many different kinds of love was the ultimate dream,” she shared. “For me it’s what life is truly all about - so career wise there is nothing that would or could match it.

“The message of Love Actually has reached so many and continues to touch new generations. Wow! Powerful stuff! I’m so proud to be a small part of that message and I hope like in the movie, you show kindness and love to those who need it this Christmas and always.”

Love Actually's Martine McCutcheon.
‘I think it’s going to be a really lovely, feel-good thing to go and enjoy.’ Photos: Instagram/martinemccutcheon

The Love Actually cast previously reunited in 2017 for the short promotional film Red Nose Day Actually, which was also written and directed by Richard Curtis.

Only a handful of actors chose not to return for the 15-minute sequel, including Emma Thompson who turned it down due to the recent death of her on-screen husband Alan Rickman.


It’s unknown which cast members will feature in Richard’s upcoming Love Actually project, although Hugh Grant recently made headlines after he shared his brutal opinion of the film during the Wonka press tour.

“Well, um, I like Colin’s bits. Colin Firth's story,” he shared in an interview on TikTok when asked for his thoughts on the film. “I skip through the rest of it, really.

“Which is weird, because I hate Colin and I want nothing but bad for his career. But I do think that's the best part of that film.”

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