Lord Sugar walks off Celeb Apprentice set after shock clash with star

Lord Sugar and Darren McMullen shocked fans on Monday night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice when they engaged in a heated argument that saw the billionaire walk off the set.

The argument occurred as Darren was fighting for his place in the competition after being absent for some of the episode due to chest pains that doctors believed could have been a mini heart attack.

Lord Sugar on Celebrity Apprentice
Lord Sugar walked off the Celebrity Apprentice set on Monday night's episode after a shock clash with Darren McMullen. Photo: Nine

"I was in hospital and all I could think about was, ‘No I don’t want to let this charity down,'" Darren told Lord Sugar, speaking of his short stint in hospital.

However, Lord Sugar had no sympathy for the star, telling him, "I don't want to hear about your hospital anymore."


"What about the fact my bloody dog is dying and I’m here doing a dog task for you?" Darren hit back in reference to a previous episode where the teams had to work with dogs.

"Like I’m here, I’m committed to this show … You think I don’t have work, Sugar? I’ve got so much work, if you wanna fire me, get rid of me – I don’t need to be here. I’m here for my charity … Dude, I have given everything, heart and soul, to being here," Darren continued, angrily.

Darren McMullen on Celebrity Apprentice
Darren wasn't going to let Lord Sugar say he didn't deserve to be in the final two. Photo: Nine

Lord Sugar wasn't having any of it and hit back, "Don’t call me dude," before walking out of the boardroom, saying Darren's outburst was "ridiculous".

"Do you think Darren’s tirade of abuse to me personally is acceptable?" he questioned the producers outside.

Once he returned to the boardroom, Lord Sugar told Darren, "I think you’re somewhat disrespectful towards me and I don’t like that."

However, despite this, it was Amy Shark and Ronnie Caceres who were fired from the show, leaving Darren and Benji Marshall to battle it out in the finale.

Benji Marshall and Darren McMullen
Benji Marshall and Darren will battle it out in the Celeb Apprentice finale. Photo: Nine

On Instagram, Darren had many supporters with Carla from Bankstown writing, "Darren is a champion 😂 love [you] buddy."

"Don’t we all wish we could talk to our bosses like this when they don’t see our passion and effort?" another user wrote.

"Darren wasn’t being rude I felt Lord Lemon was antagonising him to get a response and I felt if anyone should apologise it should be him not Darren," someone else added.

"If I said that to my CEO tomorrow, would I get promoted?" one user joked.

"Darren is so iconic," one user wrote, while another added, "Darren outclassed Sugar."

Many others shared their excitement that Darren and Benji are in the grand final together with one user saying they are "top blokes".

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