'Twins': Lookalike mum, 60, and daughter, 30, shock

This mum and daughter look so alike that their husbands are constantly mixing them up.

Dawn Hubsher, 60, and her 30-year-old daughter, Cher Hubsher have explained how they’ve always been called twins, despite the thirty-year age gap.

Mum and daughter lookalike
Mum and daughter duo, Dawn and Cher are constantly confused for twins. Photo: Australscope

The authors, from Florida in the USA, share clothes, are best friends and Dawn says Cher keeps her young by keeping her up to date with all the latest trends.

While Dawn and Cher have always been alike, they really became doppelgängers when Cher hit her teens.

“I was fifteen when people started thinking we looked similar. I used to want my mum to look like a typical mum but as I got older, I started to appreciate what we had,” Cher said.

“As my mum looked so young and acted young, we became friends too and she even came to my bachelorette party.”

Mum and daughter lookalikes in bikinis
Despite the thirty-year age gap, they're the best of friends. Photo: Australscope

Now, they are so alike that Cher’s husband, Jared Gopman, even once smacked her mum on the bum once thinking it was his wife.

“One time, me and mum were wearing the same coloured outfit. As we both have long dark hair, we look similar from behind,” Cher said, going on to explain the mix-up between her husband and her mum.


“Every guy I’ve dated would always say, ‘I know what you’ll look like in thirty years,’ and they were happy to see I wouldn’t change much,” Cher said.

Dawn said she’s thrilled to look like her daughter, who is thirty years her junior, calling it a “huge compliment”.

Mum and daughter look like twins.
The pair share clothes and Dawn even went to Cher's bachelorette party. Photo: Australscope

“When Cher was younger, people would always say, ‘did you conceive Cher alone,’ because she has my full genetic make-up,” Dawn said.

“We’re the same size too so we can raid each other’s closets and as we look so similar, what looks good on one, usually looks good on the other.

Dawn credits exercise, a plant-based diet, good skincare, plenty of sleep and water with how she maintains her youthful appearance.

“Age is just a number. Just because we’re getting older, it doesn’t mean we have to act it. Positive thoughts are key,” she said.

The pair have 75,000 collective followers on Instagram and they’ve even written a book together, called A Bond That Lasts Forever.

“The book is a collection of hard-earned wisdoms about how to create the mother-daughter relationship of your dreams,” Dawn said.

Reporting by Australscope

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