Logies 2022: Julia Morris roasted by viewers after 'bombing'

Julia Morris has been savaged on social media after her "terrible" opener at the Logie Awards on Sunday.

The comedian began the show with her "cringeworthy" monologue addressing cancel culture, the gender pay gap and Twitter. Viewers quickly took to social media during her 10-minute speech and roasted the host for "bombing so hard".

Julia Morris gives her Logies 2022 speech, wearing a navy blue pantsuit.
Julia Morris was roasted for her Logies 2022 opening monologue. Photo: Nine

“Julia Morris is the drunk aunty who you try to quietly shepherd into the toilets/car park at a wedding during the speeches,” one viewer wrote.

“This opening by Julia Morris is nearly as bad as Will Smith’s slap,” another joked.

“Julia Morris bombing so hard right now. I’m cringing at the second-hand embarrassment,” a third added.

Julia took to the stage wearing a navy blue pantsuit and upset some viewers with her gender identity joke.

“For everybody watching at home, do not adjust your television sets. I do identify as a woman,” she joked.

“The deal was I could open the show just as long as I dressed like a man.”


“Julia Morris, were the ‘jokes’ about gender identity really necessary during Pride month?” a viewer asked on Twitter.

“It was so unnecessary and uncomfortable. She’s cringeworthy.”

“Trans jokes opening this year’s Logies by Julia Morris. Is this the best Australia can do?” another added.

Tweet reading: Julia Morris, were the 'jokes' about gender identity really necessary during Pride month?
People weren't happy with her choice of material. Photo: Twitter/comicsandpins
Tweet reading: Julia Morris showing us how not to do an opening monologue.
She was savaged by people on Twitter. Photo: Twitter/adrianodiprato

The 54-year-old also recycled a joke from The Oscars, when Amy Schumer said, “The Academy hired three women to host because it’s cheaper than hiring one man.”

Julia’s version of the joke wasn’t quite as funny, saying: "Instead of a rich white man opening the show, they’ve gone for a white woman earning 30 per cent less.”

The star also went on a rant about 'cancel culture', asking the audience to "shout out if you've been cancelled!".

"Cancelled is not that bad if you're here in the room. You're here at the Logies. I think it's all good news, guys," she said.

While there were many people sledging the host, other viewers enjoyed her monologue.

“Loving Julia Morris burning the stupidity of some people on Twitter. It’s brilliant,” one wrote.

“Love Julia Morris. So funny. Hope she wins the Gold Logie. I voted for her. Go Julia,” another added.

“It was cringe because it was sooo good and even more relatable. Love Julia Morris to death,” a third chimed in.

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