Little girl goes viral on TikTok for hilarious dance on Sunrise: 'Too good!'

A little girl has gone viral on TikTok after a Sunrise viewer shared video of her dancing behind hosts David 'Kochie' Koch and Nat Barr recently.The girl is seen wearing a pink and purple dress and cowboy boots and dancing up a storm behind the hosts.

Girl dances behind Kochie and Nat Barr
A little girl has gone viral on TikTok after stealing the spotlight from Sunrise's Kochie and Nat Barr with a little dance. Photo: Seven

TikTok user @Ril3ytemple uploaded the video and played the song 'Cotton Eyed Joe' over the top, which worked very well.

"She saw her moment," they captioned the video, which has since been viewed almost 260,000 times.

In the video, Kochie and Nat are seemingly unaware of what's going on behind them.


TikTok users joked that the girl was more interesting than the show with one user writing, "The dancing is more entertaining than Sunrise."

"Only in Australia," another wrote, while someone else added, "Why does [the song] go so well."

Ajay Rochester commented, "OMG I love this girl!!! I want to find her and give her all the gifts."

"I love that they didn't notice," another user wrote.

"Legends say she is still running," one person joked, with someone else adding, "That's why we love Australia."

"She saw the moment and STOLE IT!" one user wrote. Others said the little girl had "made their morning" and was the "best thing" they'd seen on Sunrise.

It comes after Nat took a subtle swipe at Kochie live on-air earlier this week.

The hosts were discussing footage of Prince Charles nodding off during a ceremony to mark Barbados becoming a republic.

News presenter Edwina Bartholomew stuck up for the 73-year-old future monarch, saying: “Who hasn’t?”

Nat replied: “Exactly. Sometimes when Kochie’s doing a segment, I’m prone to just maybe shutting my eyes just for a second.”

Kochie looked thoroughly unimpressed by Nat’s quip, shaking his head as Nat gave the camera an awkward glance.

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