Lisa Wilkinson roasts Nick about shock Bachelor finale

He left all of our jaws on the floor when he dumped both Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley in the dramatic Bachelor finale last night.

And on Sunday, fans will finally get an explanation about Nick Cummins’ shocking decision to leave the show as a single man.

In a promo for The Project, co-host Lisa Wilkinson leaves the Honey Badger red-faced as she questions why he took part in the show.

Nick Cummins look sheepish on The Project. Photo: Channel Ten

The promo starts with Nick stating: “Going in, I felt like I was almost a boy compared to how I see things now …”

Before Lisa replies: “But you do understand on The Bachelor, you’re meant to be in a place where you’re ready to have a relationship?”

The question clearly leaves Nick feeling sheepish as he blushes and looks at his feet, as he replies: “Umm…”

Nick’s chat with Lisa is the only one he’s given since the show’s conclusion.

Lisa Wilkinson question the Honey Badger about surprise finale Photo: Channel Ten
Brittany and Sophie are also set to speak out in the interview after they were both dumped by Nick. Photo: Ten

The 30-year-old is currently on a remote Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, conveniently meaning he’s not available for the usual round of post-finale media interviews.

Brittany and Sophie are also shown in the preview, with Brittany admitting: “I don’t understand how we didn’t end up together.”

Now that The Bachelor has wrapped up, The Bachelorette starring Ali Oetjen will kick off next week on Channel Ten – but we’re not sure if anything can top that finale.

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