Lisa Wilkinson: 'I can usually recognise a drunk Stefanovic'

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Lisa Wilkinson famously left Today last year after a decade on the Channel Nine show and has remained rather tight-lipped on her former colleagues.

But last night on The Project, the host seemed to be happy to discuss some of her former colleagues, namely Karl and Peter Stefanovic.

And, what better way to break her silence than with a mention of that infamous post-Logies show back in 2009, when Karl appeared to be buzzing from a big night.

Karl and Peter – here in at the 2011 Logies – were the subject of discussion on The Project on Sunday night. Source: Getty

During The Project, Tommy Little decided to premiere his new game on the show “Drunk or Not Drunk?”.

His first victim? Peter Stefanovic.

Tommy Little brought up this clip of Peter on Weekend Today. Source: Nine

A clip was shown of the presenter seemingly struggling to get his words out on Weekend Today.

Tommy turned to “expert” Lisa to ask whether the host may have been intoxicated, jokingly of course.

Tommy Little turned to Lisa’s expertise on the subject. Source: Ten
Lisa Wilkinson discussed her former colleagues Karl and Peter Stefanovic on Sunday night’s The Project. Source: Ten

“I can usually recognise a drunk Stefanovic,” Lisa joked back. “I’ve got years and years of practice.”

However, Lisa admitted she wouldn’t be able to determine Peter’s state from just one clip.

Of course, Tommy was able to deliver with some more footage of the 36-year-old further stuttering over his words with his co-host Alison Langdon even checking to see if he was okay.

“It’s not looking good,” Lisa responded laughing.

The 58-year-old then brought up the subject of “that post-Logies show” in 2009 where Karl Stefanovic seemed a bit worse for wear.

Lisa brought up “that post-Logies show” in 2009. Source: Nine

“Karl said to me 73 times that I was beautiful,” she said. “That is not proof in itself that he was drunk.”

“Okay. Note to myself, do not mention Lisa is beautiful,” Tommy joked back.

Eventually Lisa said that Pete was, of course, not intoxicated and just “a professional”.

Good on Lisa for being able to laugh and reminisce about the old days.

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