Lisa Vanderpump Says She ‘Knew’ About Reality TV Star’s Affair

Lisa Vanderpump says she 'knew' about fellow reality TV stars' alleged affair. ABOVE: Lisa Vanderpump attends the 2024 Disney Upfront event in NYC.

Lisa Vanderpump is ready to spill the tea on one of her fellow reality TV stars' alleged affair.

While appearing on a recent episode of Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast, the Vanderpump Rules namesake made quite the claim about one media personality's very public affair.

Vanderpump's heated conversation began while playing a round of Never Have I Ever with the host. One prompt shared by Cooper described a scenario in which one person knew that someone's partner was being unfaithful.

"Never have I ever known a classmate's partner was cheating," she said, to which the 63-year-old English TV personality and entrepreneur replied, "Yes, I have."

When asked by Cooper to explain the "circumstances" surrounding Vanderpump's admission, she did so in a way that left listeners on the edge of their seats.

"Well, there was somebody that's recently had this kind of complicated scenario," the Bravolebrity shared.

"Yeah, in one of the shows..." Vanderpump added before laughing off the idea that she would out the person in question. "I'm not telling you [who exactly]."

"And I kind of knew," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum went on, "Yeah, I've known."

Cooper then asked the restauranteur and producer if she told the partner of the unnamed individual or confronted the suspected cheater.

After a long pause, Vanderpump answered, "No, I didn't say anything."

She went on to explain the reason she kept quiet was "Because sometimes people don't want to hear it."

"You know what I find surprising?" she added. "They're on a reality show and they're living their lives, and of course, all marriages have problems, you know anybody that says, 'Oh it's perfect, my love,'" she continued, mocking couples that apparently act like their relationships are easy and without disagreement. "I mean, f--k off, it's like your husband...get real."

"It's like sometimes you want to strangle them, sometimes, yeah," Vanderpump said of the issues between significant others. "There's part of it, you know, I'm like, 'If you snore, one more time I'm going to put the pillow over your head."

"You know what I mean? You've got a choice here–spare room, pillow, or there's divorce."

"But then suddenly, they get divorced," she said of couples who act like all's well all the time. "Life's not like that. Two imperfect people living together, that's not, that's b------t. Now you've got a reality show, suddenly, how many times have you seen this? Especially on that show I used to be on. How many times? Everything going just fine and then, 'we're getting divorced.'"

While Vanderpump remained tight-lipped on whose affair she knew about, her comments only fueled fan theories.

"LOVE BEAN!!! She’s so shady," one Instagram user replied to the clip, suggesting that the pet name Vanderpump cited is a clue to who the couple could be.

"caught that RIGHT away!!!!!!" another shared, while a third called out "kyle + mo" AKA RHOBH's Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

Others weren't so sure, suggesting the nickname could have been a coincidence or an example. "I can’t tell if she’s talking about Jax and Brittany [Cartwright] or someone else?? lol."

"Kyle or dorit…." a different Instagram user guessed. "but Love Bean is a Mauricio classic…let’s go with Kyle."

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