Lisa Curry's heartbreaking message: 'Tell people you love them'

Lisa Curry has taken to her Instagram account to post a heartbreaking Valentine’s Day message, five months after the death of her daughter, Jaimi Curry Kenny.

The former Olympian’s daughter died in September after a battle with an unnamed long-term illness, with Lisa later revealing Jaimi had been diagnosed with a ‘chemical imbalance’ as a teenager.

Jaimi Curry Kenny surrounded by flowers wearing a yellow dress
Jaimi Curry Kenny passed away in September at the age of 33. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

A heartbroken Lisa Curry has urged people online to ‘tell people you love that you love them’ and ‘hold them tight’ in a poignant message.

In the caption on a photo of Jaimi surrounded by flowers, Lisa wrote: “Never a moment goes by where Jaimi is not thought about.


“Our beautiful girl who loved flowers for any occasion, in fact... there really didn’t need to be an occasion because flowers just brightened up her day.. any day. Here she is , completely in her happy place. 5 months have passed but she’s never forgotten.... ever.”

Lisa Curry and Jaimi Curry hug
Last month, Lisa also posted a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter, Jaimi. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

Lisa continued, saying: “Today , on Valentine’s Day, tell people you love that you love them , hold them tight, give them a hand written hand made card ... and if no one buys you flowers, go and buy some for yourself. Love yourself, be kind to yourself.”

Last month, Lisa revealed the tragic words doctors told her just before her daughter passed away at the age of 33.

“4 months ago, the doctor gave us the news we had dreaded for years, that Jaimi would not survive the night,” Lisa wrote in a heartwrenching Instagram post

Lisa Curry's post about Jaimi Curry Kenny
Jaimi passed away in September at the age of 33. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

“It was like they just ripped our hearts out. Total disbelief ... and even though we had prepared ourselves for the worst for weeks, months and even years and thought we were prepared... nothing... absolutely nothing prepares you for that moment or those words.

“Our beautiful girl couldn’t beat the enemy... but she fought and fought.. every single day. We miss her so much.

“If you are finding life difficult, please seek out help. Don’t wait and don’t try and do it alone... remember you are loved and there is hope.”

Lisa has been posting about her grief on her Instagram account, opening up in a post sayig she missed her ‘baby girl’.

“It’s so quiet without her,” Lisa said.

“Each day seems a bit of a burr but I get through it ... feeling empty.. it’s hard to even think.. my mind consumed as to what else I could have done to help…”

Lisa Curry and Jaimi Curry Kenny
Jaimi battled with an unnamed long-term illness, with Lisa later revealing Jaimi had been diagnosed with a ‘chemical imbalance’ as a teenager. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

At the beginning of October, Lisa opened up about the ‘red flags’ she saw in Jaimi before her tragic death.

“I know people want to know why and how, but it’s not important at this time, or maybe ever, I don’t know,” she said in a post published in the Happy Hormones Facebook group.

Lisa, who starred on I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2017, said the diagnosis came 18 years ago, which is when they started to see some “tiny red flags”.

“Sometimes, an individual, even adults like us, can disregard little red flags, thinking it doesn’t matter or won’t matter,” Lisa’s post continued, urging people not to ignore the signs that she said could “add up to slowly erode your whole being”.

“To the point where you may only be existing and not really living,” she said.

The 58-year-old called some of the warning signs “life’s small neglects” - such as being inactive, being around toxic people, poor food choices, and how you interact with others.

Lisa Curry's daughter Jaimi Curry
Lisa has opened up on the 'red flags' she saw before Jaimi's death. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

“Don’t wait until it’s too late to make changes … do it now while you can … starting right now,” she said.

“Recognise the little red flags. Don’t live your life in turmoil, regret or guilt.”

In her emotional post, the mother said the whole situation still “doesn’t seem real”.

“We held Jaimi when she took her first breath and we held her as she took her last. I still can’t believe it, it doesn’t seem real,” she wrote.

“It’s given me the heaviest heart. Some days I can’t even get out of bed or function.”

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