Lisa Curry reveals daughter Jaimi's heartbreaking final moments: 'I was numb'

Lisa Curry has opened up about the heartbreaking final moments of her daughter Jaimi, who passed away in September 2020 at the age of 33 following a long-term illness.

In an extract from her new biography, Lisa: A memoir – 60 years of life, love & loss, shared by the Daily Telegraph, Lisa shared how Jaimi called her one night saying she was vomiting blood.

Lisa Curry and Jaimi Kenny
Lisa Curry has opened up about her daughter Jaimi's heartbreaking final moments in her new memoir, revealing her emotional reaction. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

Lisa and her former husband Grant Kenny rushed to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital to be by their daughter's side with the pair initially being told she was in a stable condition and under sedation.

Lisa and Grant left the hospital, hoping for the best, however, 40 minutes later they received a call telling them to come back with the pair knowing this meant bad news.


When they returned to the hospital, they'd been told Jaimi had been put on a ventilator and her condition had worsened.

"I ran to her and called softly, 'Jaimi, Jaimi, it's Mum. Open your eyes, baby, open your eyes. Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.' But there was no response, there was just nothing. I was numb," Lisa wrote.

At this point, Jaimi's kidneys began shutting down and a doctor told them their daughter would die that night.

Lisa and Jaimi
Lisa revealed that doctors told her Jaimi wouldn't last the night, leaving the mum-of-three feeling 'numb'. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

"Hearing those words, I was sobbing. 'No, no, no, I'm not ready!' Even though we'd known for years this time would come, we didn't want it to be real," she said.

Elsewhere in the book, Lisa revealed the moment Jaimi told her she no longer wanted to live, with the former Olympian saying she would have done anything to keep her daughter alive.

Lisa also encourages people to spend time with their loved ones, adding that you never know what will happen.

On Sunday Lisa took to Instagram, sharing a snap of her daughter with an emotional caption that read: "Some days it feels like you can’t continue, but the sun still rises and life goes on… but it’s never the same.

"I wish we could go back to the time before it was too late, and try again, try something else."

Jaimi Kenny
On Sunday Lisa took to Instagram, sharing a snap of her daughter with an emotional caption begging someone to learn how to fix mental health issues. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Curry

She continued, "We put men on the moon, people live in space stations, build the biggest ships and the tallest buildings that sway in the storms, the most brilliant scientific minds can solve incredible diseases, robots and machines are designed to help people walk again… but we can’t work out how to fix mental health issues?

"Someone... please... make this a priority in your scientific mind. Please. Help all the Jaimis in this world."

Her followers also shared their own heartbreak, with one user writing: "Some days grief grips me like a boa constrictor and doesn’t let go. I understand your immense pain!! Sending you lots of love x."

"More needs to be done," another agreed, while a third added, "Oh dear Lisa my heart aches for you. I agree, mental health is a monster, it’s so hard sometimes to find your way out of the fog."

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or a loved one, seek support and information by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.

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