Lip reader reveals touching words Charles said after Queen's funeral

The royal family was led by King Charles as they said their final goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II with a state funeral and committal service on Monday.

The world watched on as the longest-reigning monarch in British history was farewelled and finally reunited with her husband Prince Philip.

King Charles
A lip reader has revealed King Charles's touching words after the Queen's funeral on Monday. Photo: Getty

However, there were many parts the world missed with lip readers revealing some of the more sweet moments from the day.

Speaking with The Sun, lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman revealed a touching moment between Charles and the Archbishop of York.


When the pair was seen shaking hands, the King told him, "Thank you, that was good work. You were wonderful."

The Archbishop responded, "You are welcome."

Princess Charlotte and Prince George
In another sweet moment Princess Charlotte, seven, is seen telling her older brother Prince George, nine, "You need to bow!" Photo: Getty

The King then spoke to Reverend David Conner, the Dean of Windsor, saying, "Good work, good service."

Reverend Connor said something back with Charles responding, "I did my best."

As he and Queen Consort Camilla then got in the car to leave and he asks her, "Have you got everything?"

In another moment, Princess Charlotte, seven, is seen telling her older brother Prince George, nine, "You need to bow!"

Committal service
A lip reader has also revealed what Prince Harry and Prince William spoke about at the committal service. Photo: Getty

At the service, Prince William was seen waiting next to the pew, with lip reader Jacqui Press telling the Daily Mail that Prince Harry asked his brother, "Shall we go first?"

Answering with a nod, William then told wife Kate Middleton: “Let them go through first.”

The Princess of Wales agreed and let the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be seated before entering with her young family.

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