The Block 2024 filming delayed as producers plan major twist: 'Struggling'

EXCLUSIVE: Season 20 is tipped to be the ‘biggest season ever’.

Filming for The Block’s milestone twentieth season is off to a slow start as producers face multiple delays due to a last-minute location change, a lack of entertaining contestants applying, and a potential new format.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Channel Nine was hoping to begin filming the reality show this month to give the series a different look by shooting in Melbourne’s warmer climate, however, this has since had to change.

The Block's Scott Cam.
The Block producers have faced multiple delays in filming the show’s twentieth season. Photo: Channel Nine

“The show has needed to reset and for many reasons involving the location and casting of the 2024 series, The Block will be filmed at the same time as last year,” the source explains, adding that the decision has “ruffled a few feathers” behind-the-scenes.

“There had been some promises made to crew about the conditions on set being improved and these delays have affected that promise.”


The insider went on to share that The Block’s usual filming schedule in the middle of winter has “created many obstacles for the cast and crew”.

“The mud issue in 2022 while filming the Tree Change season had many long-standing crew members questioning if they could survive a similar shoot if the show returned to a similar climate,” the source says.

“So when the locations being sourced were Daylesford, Phillip Island and Yarra Valley, it was a relief to hear the schedule had been moved forward to a January/February start date to avoid the bitterly cold months.”

The Block's Scott Cam and Shelley Craft.
Channel Nine was hoping to start filming the reality show this month but has since had to change their plans. Photo: Channel Nine

Season 20's surprising new format

While season 20 was originally set to be filmed in the country Victorian town of Daylesford, they have since relocated to Phillip Island due to permit issues and complaints from locals.

It was reported in September last year that Channel Nine had purchased a holiday resort on Phillip Island named Island Cove Villas for $9.5 million to be used on The Block.

The location, which is described on as “breathtaking from the moment you arrive”, has a shared swimming pool, tennis court and recreation area. It also comprises eight identical properties, which has sparked rumours that the upcoming season may feature eight teams instead of the usual five.

“The word on the street is that Channel Nine want to live up to their annual threat of being ‘the biggest Block ever’, and if they have eight teams then that very well might be the case,” our source shares.

“However, there would need some pretty engaging personalities not to confuse viewers if the show was to add three teams to the mix.”

A map of Island Coves Resort in Phillip Island where The Block 2024 will be filmed.
The 2024 filming location features eight identical properties, which has sparked rumours that the upcoming season will star eight teams instead of five. Photo:

Casting director 'really struggling' to find contestants

Casting for the next season of The Block opened in September and was even extended as casting director Lucky Price travelled around Australia meeting potential contestants in late 2023.

A source close to Lucky tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he was “really struggling” to find the right personalities to live up to the calibre of contestants from last year.

“They certainly haven't locked in the cast yet or decided if they are going to bring back some old faces with some new,” the insider shares. “Nobody has seen a contract and I don't think Nine has even signed off on the whole 'fans vs favourites' idea yet.

“The delays are very real but at the end of the day the show was always locked in to screen after the Olympics.”

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