Super Bowl 2024: The best commercials from Beyoncé to the Beckhams

Take a look at the ad highlights of Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl 58 isn't just about touchdowns and tackles; or Taylor and Travis; it's also a showcase of the most creative and star-studded advertisements of the year.

As viewers tuned in to watch the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, they were also treated to a spectacle of some of the biggest commercials of the year. With T.Swizzle's presence attracting even more attention to NFL's grandest occasion, advertisers this year enlisted major stars and poured significant funds into winning the battle of commercials.

David Beckham (left) and Victoria Beckham (right).
The Beckham's Uber Eats ad immortalises David's iconic "Be honest!" rejoinder in Super Bowl commercial history. Photo: Uber Eats

Advertising during the Super Bowl is a coveted opportunity for companies, with a 30-second ad spot costing a staggering $7 million on average. This year, consumer packaged goods like Oreos, Pringles, Mountain Dew, Doritos, and M&Ms are among the brands dominating the commercial lineup. But it's not just snacks taking the spotlight; there are also ads for new electric vehicles, mobile companies, super-fast internet and skincare.

Celebrity endorsements are another highlight, with stars like Beyoncé, Ben Affleck, and Tina Fey lending their talents to various ads. From Beyoncé's attempt to break the internet with Verizon to Ben Affleck's comedic turn in a Dunkin Donuts ad, the commercials are as star-studded as the halftime show.

Early ad releases and teasers

In recent years, advertisers have ditched the suspense by unveiling their Super Bowl commercials ahead of the big game. These early releases and teasers serve to maximise a brand's exposure, generating extra buzz in the lead-up to the event. Experts suggest that this tactic aims to spark conversations about a brand's commercial before kickoff, ensuring early online engagement rather than risking being overshadowed by more viral-worthy spots on game day.


Given the hefty production and airtime costs associated with Super Bowl ads, brands are eager to make every dollar count beyond the thrilling football action.

However, most of these pre-released snippets serve as teasers, setting up intriguing storylines or dropping hints about the celebrities slated to star in their prime-time ads. Fans had to patiently wait for the full versions to be unveiled during the game, with commercials airing during each thrilling break in the action.

Here's a look at the best 2024 Super Bowl ads:

Beyoncé tries to break the internet for Verizon

Verizon's Super Bowl ad sees Beyoncé take on a challenge: not only to break the Internet but to outdo Verizon's 5G capabilities. She embarks on a series of antics, from running a lemonade stand reminiscent of her album Lemonade, to introducing "Beyoncé AI" technology, and even putting her own spin on the viral Barbie movie with BarBey. In a bold move, she announces a campaign to become the "Beyoncé of the United States."

The 60-second ad concludes with Beyoncé launching herself into space, leaving viewers speculating about a potential new project as she declares, "Okay, they ready. Drop the new music."

David and Victoria Beckham get honest for Uber Eats

David Beckham's memorable line "Be honest!" has now been forever immortalised in commercial history thanks to Uber Eats. This ad, which features the soccer legend and his wife Victoria, is a delightful nod to one of the year's most genuinely funny memes.

Leave Christopher Walken alone

BMW takes a supporting role to Christopher Walken in their Super Bowl ad, as we navigate through a day in his life.

The commercial plays out a funny scene where Walken is plagued by people attempting poor impressions of his distinctive voice wherever he goes. Adding to the charm is a cameo by R&B sensation and Super Bowl halftime headliner Usher.

Tina Fey books whoever she wants to be's Super Bowl commercial starring Tina Fey introduces the tagline, "Book whoever you want to be," revealing the wide array of choices available on the travel website.

Fey humorously navigates through the ad, showcasing the abundance of options by enlisting body doubles to help her experience various travel possibilities. The spot also features cameo appearances from "30 Rock" alumni Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski, along with award-winning actress Glenn Close.

Scrubs stars are reunited

T-Mobile have enlisted Scrubs alums Zach Braff and Donald Faison to make a surprise appearance to greet their new neighbour, Jason Momoa, with a catchy song and dance praising the wonders of the brands home internet service. While the commercial primarily highlights Momoa's undeniable charm, it also offers a nostalgic nod to fans of the beloved sitcom with the unexpected reunion stars.

Ben Affleck is one of the DunKings

Ben Affleck's quest for pop stardom takes centre stage in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial, following a teaser at this year's Grammys. The ad features Affleck teaming up with Matt Damon and Tom Brady to form the ultimate boy band, "The DunKings." Get ready for some catchy tunes and unexpected twists as these Hollywood heavyweights show off their musical chops in this star-studded ad.

Michael Cera for CeraVe

In CerVe's Super Bowl commercial, Michael Cera humorously dubbed CeraVe as "his cream". "Oh, you didn't know?" he quipped. "The truth has been hiding in plain sight. I am CeraVe."

Online, viewers hailed the ad as the "best Super Bowl commercial in years," praising the clever partnership between Cera(ve) the cream and Michael Cera the actor as "the smartest one in a while." Some even went as far as to label it "genius."

Chris Pratt...err Pringles?

In the Pringles SuperBowl commercial, Chris Pratt, sporting a newly grown moustache, unwittingly resembles the Pringles mascot... you know, the little cartoon guy with a mo on the can? Prompted by those around him, he embraces the role and stars as "Mr. P" in the ad, bringing the iconic character to life.

Arnie is a good neighbaa

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as "Agent State Farm" in the Super Bowl ad for State Farm Insurance, reprising his action hero persona by rescuing puppies and pregnant women from burning buildings.

However, the commercial takes a funny turn as Schwarzenegger's performance is repeatedly interrupted by the director's insistence on correcting his pronunciation of "neighbour."

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