MAFS' Jono and Lauren happily call it quits in savage final vows: 'Mic drop'

Married At First Sight fans have praised Lauren Dunn's mutual dumping of Jono McCullough.

Lauren Dunn and Jono McCullough's relationship came to a savage end on last night's episode of Married At First Sight, with both speaking their truth in cutting vows during the final vows ceremony before walking off free from the shackles of their dramatic rollercoaster relationship.

After starting strong, getting stagnant, then rekindling their spark during home stay visits, things came to a head when fellow MAFS participant Tori Adams revealed to the cast that Jono had been in consistent communication with another bride, Ellie Dix, after she left the experiment.

Lauren was rocked to find out Jono had been hiding this communication from her, telling him at the final dinner party that she didn't trust him, so it was pretty obvious that the two weren't going to make it past final vows... yet the dramatic ending of their relationship left viewers picking sides.

Jono and Lauren on MAFS
Jono and Lauren happily dumped each other during MAFS' final vows. Photo: Nine

Lauren and Jono end their relationship at final vows

Jono kicked off the vows, telling Lauren in the early days he thought he found his match, before saying in the weeks following they had their good days, but mostly had days not enjoyable for either of them.

"I feel like you viewed everything I did through a negative lens," he said. "You said I wasn't assertive, that I was boring and robotic. You said in your vows you'd respect me, I don't really feel like you ever respected me."


He then went on to address his messages to Ellie after touching on their positive homestay in Perth.

"I didn't think this was an issue, you snatched my phone off me and pretended like the messages to Ellie were flirty. They were not. Seeing you so willing to lie like that, to make me look bad, astonished me," he continued, before telling Lauren seeing her not support him amongst the group made him realise she wasn't the person for him.

Lauren and Jono MAFS final vows
Lauren couldn't help but laugh at Jono's final vows. Photo: Nine

Lauren then addressed Jono, agreeing that they had a fantastic wedding day and although they had their "ups and downs" they were both willing to give it their all. "At least that's what it seemed," she said.

She then went on to say she felt like she could see a future between the two of them during home stays, before it all came "crashing down".

"It was brought to my attention that you were continuing to build some sort of relationship with another bride, one that you hid from me, then had the audacity to blame me for when you were exposed," she said. "Instead of taking accountability at the final dinner party, you then chose to flip the script on me, blame me for not caring, never liking you, and not being here for the right reasons.

Lauren Dunn final vows MAFS
Lauren was left less than impressed during final vows. Photo: Nine


"Although you completely wasted my time in terms of finding a romantic partner, you taught me that I should always trust my gut. Jono, I don't see a future with you, I know it's not me, it's you," she finished, before the two walked away from each other.

MAFS fans praise Lauren: 'Mic drop'

MAFS fans rallied around Lauren during the dramatic moment, praising her for standing her ground after Jono failed to admit any wrongdoing.

"Lauren you’re better off without him! How on earth can a man say I didn’t do anything wrong??? Did you text another woman over and over and over again without telling your wife? Yes, well that’s wrong! Did you not mention your wife on those texts?? Yep - well, that’s wrong! Did you not own that you hurt your wife’s feelings? Yep, well that’s wrong as well," one person commented. "At least Lauren you can hold your head up high that you told him your true feelings the whole time! All be it that sometimes blatantly but still honest! Unlike him."

"Lolllll 'I did something shady and the way YOU reacted showed me you’re not the woman for me.' I also burst out laughing," another said.

"Lauren!!! Mic drop!!!!! I want to be her when I grow up!!! She is all class!!! Truly won hearts," someone else commented.

However, others came in to stand up for Jono and say they're glad he eventually found love with Ellie.

"Well said Jono! Lauren has some good points but is very crass. Never was right for you. Glad you found Ellie," one person said.

"If you treat people disrespectfully don’t be surprised if they look for safety elsewhere she’s not as unaccountable as she think she is," another person said.

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