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LEGO lights are a must-have for bringing any build to life

Here's how to take your LEGO sets to a whole new dimension.

If you have a child who is LEGO obsessed, or you fancy yourself as a budding LEGO Master, then you'll be looking to elevate your favourite builds any way you can.

Now LEGO aficionados have found a new way to bring their creations to life; by inserting specially-made lights from Light My Bricks. The Melbourne-based company makes LED lighting kits that can be installed in existing LEGO sets, taking them to a whole new level.

LEGO lights in an orchid kit and building kit
Light up LEGO orchids, whole buildings or just about any set. Photo: Light My Bricks

Each Light My Bricks set matches a specific LEGO kit and comes with instructions to help you display them in and around the bricks. Best of all, you don't even have to disassemble your LEGO — the lights are designed to complement what you've already built.

Whether it's adding a subtle zing to a lightsaber, or lighting up a whole building to give it an atmospheric glow, there's a light for virtually every set.

Four LEGO Star Wars mini-figures with LED Lights in their lightsabers
There are even lights made especially for LEGO Star Wars lightsabers. Photo: Light My Bricks

"They look amazing," wrote one fan in an online review. "So beautiful," agreed another.


All the light kits come with a USB power cable, connecting cables, assorted lights and bricks, so you can just install them, and flick a switch to make them work instantly. If you're really looking to impress, you can also buy a remote control so you can control the lights from across the room.

LEGO lights
Bring your LEGO creations to life, with lighting kits for all kinds of sets. Photo: Light My Bricks

To up the ante, you can also attach sound effects to your sets — perfect for LEGO Technic, Harry Potter builds, or anything that requires some noise enhancement.

"It really brings the magic to my sets," said one happy brick builder, while another remarked, "The light kit adds a mood difficult to describe in words. It adds a whole new dimension. Absolutely superb."

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