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Always on your feet? Reduce pain with the compression socks people 'love, love, love'

These compression socks promise to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

On your feet a lot? Suffer from sore, stiff and swollen legs? Don't worry, Paire is here to shake up the sock game yet again with their new line of premium Australian Merino wool compression socks.

Perfect for pregnant women, athletes, office workers or anyone who's always on their feet, Paire's Merino Wool Blend Compression Socks offer all the health benefits of compression socks, combined with the oh-so-cosy comfort you've come to know from the Aussie brand.

Paire compression socks
Suffer from sore, stiff and swollen legs? Compression socks might be the answer. Photo: Supplied

Improve blood flow and decrease swelling

Compression socks are known to improve the circulation of blood through your legs, decrease swelling in the legs and ankles and can also improve lymphatic drainage. "Compression socks have also been shown to help decrease swelling and pain in the legs and ankles," explains Sathish Mohan, MD, a vascular specialist with Riverside Medical Group. "By applying pressure to the legs, they reduce the extra fluid in the legs, reduce inflammation, and ultimately improve blood flow through the veins to the heart."

Paire compression socks
Health experts say that wearing compression socks can improve blood flow and reduce swelling. Photo: Supplied

Walking on a cloud

Developed by their team of textile experts, Paire's Merino Wool Blend Compression Socks are crafted from sustainably sourced eucalyptus fibres and premium Aussie Merino wool, boasting a unique 90-degree cut that prevents slip. Meanwhile, the Merino wool wicks moisture and takes care of odour, but also keeps you insulated and feeling like you're walking on a cloud.


Why shoppers love them

People who've tried Paire's Merino Wool Blend Compression Socks are raving about them. "Love, love, love them!" said one customer in an online review. "We've been wearing them while pounding the cobblestones and travertine in Rome and Venice and the socks have cushioned our feet beautifully."

Man's lower half, running in compression socks, dirt road
Customer's are raving about Paire's compression socks. Photo: Supplied

"Purchased these socks for long haul flights," shared another happy customer. "The compression is greater than what I have previously worn and yet are much more comfortable. They feel supportive and soft. Comfortable around the toes and foot bed like all Paire socks. As winter draws near, I will be wearing them as everyday socks for warmth and comfort, not just for travelling."

The Paire story

Paire co-founders Rex and Nathan have been friends for over 15 years. After scratching their heads — and their skin — for nearly as long, they realised they needed to be the ones to make a change in the textile space. Rex was able to bring years of expert knowledge and innovative ideas due to his father's experience in the textile industry, while Nathan showed up with his passion for sustainability and design experience. Together, they set out to create the world's most comfortable and sustainable fashion brand — stuff that feels good for the planet, but also feels good to spend all week wearing.

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