Kyle Sandilands 'in tears' over co-host Jackie O's split

Sydney radio host Jackie O Henderson confirmed on Friday that she and her husband Lee Henderson have split after 18 years together.

The couple actually separated some time ago, and her breakfast radio co-host Kyle Sandilands, has been supporting her through the difficult time.

Speaking on their KIISFM show together, Kyle – who has also been through a divorce with ex-wife Tamara Jaber – said he’s shed tears over the breakup.

“I feel for you though, I’ve known for a while but there’s a part of me, it eats at me…” he said, “Oh my god, I cried yesterday didn’t I!”

Kyle said he was in tears over the split yesterday. Photo: Getty

“He was in tears!” Jackie laughed, “I was like, ‘what are you doing?’”

“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Kyle replied, and later admitted, “I’m not good at these situations.”

Jackie met photographer Lee in 2000 and they married three years later. They share seven-year-old daughter Kitty together and have been adamant that she will be their priority going forward.

Kyle and Jackie have been doing breakfast radio together since 2005. Photo: Getty

As part of that commitment, they’ve continued to go out for dinner as a family every week, and spend weekends together, with Jackie saying their split has been “extremely amicable”.

“We actually have remained really good friends throughout this and we talk every day on the phone, we all still hang out as a family,” she said.

Reflecting on his own marriage breakdown back in 2010, Kyle said, “I’ve been through a divorce as well, it’s not easy.”

“No one every thinks when you’re going into something [that it won’t last]… well actually, I probably did, but then five years into it I thought, urgh, obviously it’s a real relationship…”

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