Kylie Kelce Pokes Fun at Husband Jason, Says This Body Part Looks Like a Chicken

Jason and Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce clearly has a sense of humor, as he put himself on blast after publicly sharing his wife Kylie's candid opinion of his body.

During the May 1 episode of his New Heights podcast, the former Philadelphia Eagles center and his younger brother Travis got into a heated discussion about the NFL, athleticism and how some football pros can sculpt and define a specific part of their body better than others.

"What a-s do you think of when you think of an NFL player?" Jason eventually asked the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

"Jason Kelce," Travis said with a smirk.

To which the retired NFL pro turned ESPN personality said, "I don't have an a-s, Trav."

"Ask Kylie," Travis interjected. "She knows."

"Kylie says I got a chicken a-s," Jason revealed. "That's exactly what she says."

Travis, 34, erupted in laughter and refused to believe his sister-in-law would say something like that about his older brother. But Jason doubled down, "I swear to god, we can call her right now. Watch this," he said before calling his wife to get her to admit to it "unprompted."

"Ky, what do you say my a-s resembles?" Jason asked over the phone.

Without hesitation, the 31-year-old mom of three responded, "A chicken a-s."

Wednesday's episode was full of confessions as elsewhere in the piece, Jason addressed Donna "Mama" Kelce's accusations that her sons are not "good gift-givers" and that she "rarely" gets to spend time with them on Mother's Day.

Neither Jason nor Travis denied their mother's statement. Instead, Jason explained how he's historically treated his wife and mom on the honorary occasion, revealing that he "usually" gets Kylie hydrangeas, chocolates, and a card. Meanwhile, Donna can expect to receive "a heartfelt Mother's Day text."

Meanwhile, Travis said he plans to go all out this year–retaliatory to her public callout–placing preemptive blame on the NFL matriarch if she "gets too much stuff."

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