Kylie Jenner warns customers of 'dangerous' counterfeit Kylie Cosmetics products

Kylie Jenner has warned Kylie Cosmetics customers of "dangerous" counterfeit products.

The 19-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star - who has built up her beauty empire over two years - has revealed she has received complaints from people who thought they were buying her Lip Kits but were being scammed by other websites who have reproduced her products using harmful ingredients.

Speaking in a string of Snapchat videos, the beauty mogul said: "The ingredients in these products are also really really dangerous, which is my biggest concern.

Kylie Jenner. Photo: Getty Images.
Kylie Jenner. Photo: Getty Images.

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"I feel responsible to give you guys a warning that there are people out there who are trying to steal your money and I just want you guys to have the very best.

"What is this? We really got into the ingredients and they're so bad for you.

"So someone just tweeted me one of their fake products and they said it has glue in it. Glue in it people.

"I don't sell to anybody else, the only way to get my products is from my website.

"Make sure you guys check the URL because these other websites are making fake product, it might look exactly like mine but it's not mine.

Kylie Jenner's eyeliner kit. Photo:
Kylie Jenner's eyeliner kit. Photo:

"This is getting so out of hand people, please, please, please, don't trust any other website."

And the teen entrepreneur has admitted she has added the legitimate link to her cosmetics company on her social media to resolve the problem.

She said: "I put the link to my website on my Instagram bio and I just put it in my twitter bio, so it will be really easy for you guys to locate it.

"So I want to be really really clear, and let you guys know the only place to get my products is

"Also guys make sure you type in your URL and don't Google it, because I just Googled Kylie Cosmetics and there was an ad with the wrong URL.

Meanwhile, the television personality has revealed she is offering "the first" holiday surprise to her customers with free shipping on Friday.

In a post shared to Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, it read: "Hey guys! Very excited to reveal to you the first#HolidaySurprise. We are still working on a permanent solution to satisfy your concerns with shipping prices. Starting TOMORROW at 10am pst through the holidays there will be free domestic shipping if you spend over $40 and free international shipping if you spend over $60. #HOLIDAYSURPRISES thanks for your patience. (sic)."

- Bang Showbiz

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