Kyle Sandilands' epic search for new Woolies treat: 'Need this'

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A new Woolworths and Coles buy that sent shoppers into a spin on social media this week also seems to have gotten controversial radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands so excited he is trying anything to get his hands on it.

It's all thanks to a new Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Soft Loaf that's been released for just $5 at supermarkets around the country, and Kyle revealed on radio on Thursday morning he drove 1.5 hours this week to try and get one.

kyle sandilands
Kyle Sandilands wanted the new treat bad. Photo: KIIS FM

"We jumped in the car and drove," he said, revealing his girlfriend Tegan Kynaston pointed it out to him.

He said they were in Cairns at the time and had to drive over an hour to the nearest Woolworths. But when they got there - no luck.

"And wow they had nothing, it had been like Covid 19 hit, and the shelves were bare," he said, claiming they did ring ahead but couldn't get through so they just got in the car and drove.


His co-host Jackie O Henderson mused that she hoped the "Cinnamon donut toast was worth it".

Before Kyle admitted: "So I didn't get the bread and had to get in the car and drive all the way back."

As a last resort, Kyle and Jackie O instead decided to appoint a staffer to line up at a local Woolies store before it opened.

Woolworths Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Soft Loaf
The new Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Soft Loaf is causing a stir. Photo: Woolworths

But that also failed prompting Kyle to give the store a buzz.

"We went to get someone to get it, every store gets one loaf, we were first in line and the loaf was already gone," he told the Woolworths staff member, asking whether someone had "thieved it" because it was so "desirable".

The worker admitted she was not even sure her store has received any, to which Kyle replied: "I need this loaf."

According to a Woolworths spokesperson, customers should begin to see "wider availability over the coming days and through next week".

The bread is described as a thick-cut loaf which is part donut and part cinnamon toast, and has little bursts of cinnamon clusters throughout.

And clearly Kyle wasn't the only person excited by the product drop with the loaf causing a huge stir on social media.

"Need this now," one person said on social media.

While another wrote: "Pinch me, I’m dreaming!"

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