Truth behind Kyle Sandilands' health battle 'joke'

Kyle Sandilands left viewers outraged when he teased a ‘health battle’ during an interview on 60 Minutes, only to say he was joking.

But now the controversial radio host has revealed why he made what viewers described as a ‘disgusting’ joke, revealing on Monday morning he is dealing with mental health issues.

kyle sandilands mental health battle
Kyle Sandilands broke down on radio. Photo: KIIS FM

Addressing the interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Monday morning, Kyle got emotional as he revealed the truth behind the ‘joke’, saying he was genuinely emotional during the interview.

“The honest truth of why I was about to cry with all that breakdown stuff is because inside, I’m very, very sad. But it wasn’t the right forum to bring it up,” he told listeners and his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

“When you said, ‘I’m very worried about him’. A wave of emotion went through me, and I realised I was losing control, so I had to make something up as a joke.”

The shock jock went on to say he had been dealing with mental health issues for some time.

“And you haven’t been having a great time lately,” Jackie said, to which Kyle responded, “Not for a long time.”

“Me, knowing how I feel inside, watching the show last night - there were glimpses of (the sadness),” he added. “When Karl was like, ‘do you use humour to mask sadness?’ That is true. I use jokes and say inappropriate things.

“Everyone has their struggles – but I often feel very alone.”

Jackie O went on to assure Kyle telling him: “You’re not alone.”

kyle sandilands 60 minutes interview
Kyle was clearly upset during the interview. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers slam Kyle Sandilands' 'disgusting and deceiving' joke

Viewers weren’t happy after the 60 Minutes episode aired on Sunday night. According to promos, Kyle was going to open up about a ‘health battle’, but in the end it played it off as a joke, which even co-host Jackie O labelled ‘mean’ and ‘cruel’.

“There’s a condition that I’ve been diagnosed with and I haven’t spoke to anyone about,” Kyle initially said.

Both he and co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson were in tears until Jackie asked, “Are you joking?”

“Yeah,” was all Kyle responded. “There’s nothing wrong with me,” he later clarified.

Viewers were left outraged by the interview taking to social media to share their anger.

“You have hit rock bottom tonight, 60 minutes,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Knowingly promoting all week a ‘fake story’.”

“Very poor form tonight 60 minutes,” another agreed.

“Disgusting and deceiving. I can expect this from Kyle as he is controversial but I cannot understand how 60 minutes can entertain such a rubbish,” was another outraged comment.

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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