Kmart's 'slay era' continues with stunning $18 corset: 'Super flattering'

One shopper has praised the trendy item's superior quality compared to pricier brands she's purchased previously.

Kmart is undoubtedly having its moment in the sun, with new season styles sizzling on the shelves, and their latest offering is no exception.

The retail giant has once again sent shoppers into a frenzy, this time with an ultra-sexy $18 corset that has ignited a storm of enthusiasm on social media.

Kmart white corseted top
One TikToker has sent shoppers rushing to Kmart to snap up the retailers latest show stopping look. Photo: TikTok/@kim_muhovics

TikToker Kim Muhovics recently shared some smokin' footage of herself rocking both the black and white versions of this Kmart trend piece on social media, with her followers floored at how incredibly flattering and stylish the corsets looked.

"We've all seen the Kmart clothes," Kim said in the footage, "and look what I got today, corsets, for $18."

She went on to model both black and white corsets, emphasising the thick quality of the material as well as the presence of boning, hook and eyelet fastening, and adjustable straps.


However, Kim did share a word of caution with her fellow shoppers to be mindful of the sizing, noting her usual 6-8 size, while admitting the size 8 she purchased feels quite "snug."

"They look so cute," she went on to say, "I can't believe they're only $18."

Kmart black corseted top
"They're way better quality than some of the more expensive ones I have," Kim told her followers in a subsequent video. Photo: TikTok/@kim_muhovics

Seeing the corset in action on Kim's TikTok was enough to convince even the most hesitant shoppers of its appeal, with one follower exclaiming, "definitely gonna buy this! I was a bit sceptical about how they would look, but they appear super flattering on you."

Another fan of the corset commented, "I feel as though [Kmart has] a new in-house designer who just has a good eye for trendy pieces."

Kmart has indeed been on a roll lately, consistently delivering chic and affordable fashion that resonates with their customers. And these corsets have evidently been flying off the shelves, with one shopper revealing, "I bought these last week!! They’re so good!!"

The response from social media has been nothing short of scorching, with many hailing Kmart's latest creation as a "huge slay."

With the $18 corset causing such a stir, it's safe to say that Kmart's "slay era" is showing no signs of slowing down.

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