Kmart's new medical scrubs fly off shelves: 'So cool'

Is there anything Kmart doesn't sell?

The discount department store, which has been providing budget work wear for tradies for years, has recently started stocking scrubs!

This medical clothing, originally worn by surgeons, is now donned by many in the medical field from beauticians and nurses to vets and dentists.

"I work at Kmart and only noticed these today!! Selling scrubs now," a poster wrote in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

People were delighted with the post gathering 600 likes and almost 500 comments in under 24 hours.

Three shots of a woman modelling the new Kmart scrubs with white sneakers
The navy scrubs are sold separately for the top and bottoms at $30 each. Photo: Kmart

"Thats so cool! I'm sure affordable and hopefully always available to our super humans," one person commented on the post.

"Awesome, domestic care/ age care workers/ vets etc can buy scrubs without spending $1019176178198387337," another wrote to exaggerate the point.

"Omg thanks for posting this," another added.

One woman let the group know the scrubs not only looked good but were also comfortable.

"Can confirm they are comfy as," she said posting a photo of her trying them on in the Kmart change rooms.

Another agreed saying: "I wore mine to work today. So comfy!"

A woman showing off the new scrubs line in a Kmart change room
One group member shared a picture of herself in the scrubs to show people what they're like on. Photo: Facebook

Others were less excited by the fact they can now buy medical garments at Kmart and more impressed with the range that Kmart are now stocking.

"Everything!!! They sell everything," one person wrote jokingly.

Others added it was a savvy act by the department store.

"Very smart move!

"Now all they need to do is all the pretty colours!" one group member added.

"I hope they bring out a Christmas design," one lady wrote.

"Oh that would be the best," another replied.

It wasn't just people who needed them for work who were keen on Kmart's new clothing line either.

"Am I wrong if I say they look comfy and I'd wear them purely for the pockets?!" one wrote.

"We can pretend we are on Grey's Anatomy," another said jokingly.

"Grey’s cosplay here I come."

According to Kmart, t was customer need that resulted in them introducing the new line.

"At Kmart, we currently have a strong workwear offering focussed on construction and an exciting opportunity opened for us to look at the health and medical industry, by providing incredibly affordable and accessible items for everyday use," Tara Broomfield, Kmart Divisional Merchandise Manager told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Through customer research we identified what’s most important to the customer and that includes comfort, functionality particularly pockets and the product needs to wash well and easy care.

"We have introduced 2 tops and 2 bottoms one women’s set and one unisex to cater for anyone in the healthcare industry."

"All styles are priced at $30 – all of our options will feature stretch for comfort and the women’s offer will be in 4-way stretch and the unisex set is a more oversized fit – the top is boxy and the bottom elastic waist with straight leg," Tara said.

"We hope to continue to expand this offering in the future and hope our customers love this new range as much as we do.

"We encourage our community to showcase their looks and tag us on social!" she added.

It's not just health and medical professionals who will take advantage of the new range either, we're sure they will be popular for last minute adult costumes for parties and Halloween too...

Now if only they also stocked stethoscopes!

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