Shoppers slam Kmart, Target over 'disturbing' 'Fail Fix' doll

Parents have slammed Kmart and Target today after a snap of a popular doll marketed to little girls was shared online.

The product is a ‘#Failfix Epic Colour ‘n Style Makeover’ doll, a toy that comes with a ‘removable failed face’, spa equipment, hair dye and more.

Image of Fail Fix Doll on Kmart shelf as parents complain about 'inappropriate' toy
The Fail Fix dolls come with a removable 'fail face' so kids can 'makeover' the messy look. Photo: Facebook

Sold by both Kmart and Target for $39, the doll is advertised as a makeover experience, marketed to little girls.

“HELP!” the advertising for the doll reads. “2Dreami needs a #Stylesaviour! Take over the makeover and give her a total head-to-toe transformation!”


The questionable wording, as well as heavy use of the word ‘fail’ and ‘transformation’, had plenty of parents horrified, with a local Facebook group exploding with commentary over the doll.

It all started when one mum shared a snap of the product on her local Kmart’s shelf.

Mum's post complaining about Fail Fix Kmart Target doll
Photo: Facebook

“I am just in Kmart and at first, I laughed and then...” she trailed off. “Does anyone else find this disturbing that it is marketed to little girls?!?!?!”

Later she added that she agreed with some people that some parents tend to overreact to ‘non-PC’ toys., but maintained that she found this example particularly shocking.

“This particular toy jumped out and shocked me,” she wrote. “It was sitting next to baby dolls and fairly harmless basic dolls. I should add we are a fairly open and expressive family, my daughter loves playing with makeup. But I will never ever ever be letting the word FAIL come anywhere near talk about herself and her body. It’s a strange one to me!”

It was a strange one for plenty of others as well.

Parents slam ‘disgusting’ doll

Image of Kmart, Target as Fail Fix dolls slammed
Parents slammed Target and Kmart for stocking the problematic dolls. Photo: Getty Images

“Don't get me started on this stuff for girls,” one mum wrote. “Next they’ll include fake Botox injections for the doll to get duck lips. Seriously.”

“Wheres the boy doll with their version of fail?” she continued. “Especially about how they look. these types of dolls normalise image dysmorphia.”

“I just sent in a complaint about this doll,” another reported, several commentators replying that they too had sent in complaints.

Kmart Target Fail Fix Dolls makeover slammed
Plenty of parents called the dolls 'disgusting'. Photo: Facebook

“That is terrible,” was one mum’s reaction.

“Absolutely horrendous,” wrote another.

“Shocking, and a hard pass from me,” a third agreed.

Some argued the toy was fine and that calling for it to be banned was an overreach.

“Sorry, I don’t see what’s wrong with this toy?” one person wrote.

“If a toy is continued it’s simply because people buy it,” one person wrote. “So just because some people don’t agree with a certain toy, that doesn’t mean it should be banned.”

They added: “How would you like someone telling you how to raise your child? Buy the toys you think are appropriate to your morals, ethics and culture and let other people be!”

Kmart and Target have been contacted for comment.

It’s not the first time a retailer has felt the wrath of furious parents.

Last year, a bride costume for a child was ultimately pulled by Kmart after parents complained it was glorifying child brides.

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