Kmart shopper spots hilarious error on new laundry hamper

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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A Kmart shopper has shared a hilarious mistake she spotted on a brand new item purchased from the popular store.

“Hmm, think there’s something wrong here,” the woman wrote, sharing an image of her new ‘Lights and Darks’ laundry hamper in a Kmart Facebook group.

‘Lights and Darks’ laundry hamper from kmart
Something's wrong here? Photo: Facebook

“Think I’ll have to take it back to Kmart. I haven’t quite finished putting it together but will have to pull it apart again,” she said.

And no, according to the woman the cloth baskets are not attached the wrong way. The words on the ‘Dark’ side simply appear to have been printed upside down.

Funnily enough, she goes on to explain she actually had another box of the same product in her hand before realising a piece was missing, and swapping it for her current item.


“I did pick up one box and had the end of the box open and everything come out whilst I was walking through the shop with it,” she said.

“Had a very nice Kmart lady nearby who saw what happened and helped me collect the bits only to realise one piece was missing.

The shop assistant ended up opening the box of the item she now has set up at home to check all the pieces were there.

“She was so helpful and lovely. Pity we didn’t check the words were the right way up,” the woman quipped.

Kmart  ‘Lights and Darks’ laundry hamper
The ‘Lights and Darks’ laundry hamper is meant to look like this. Photo: Kmart

The hilarious mix-up has since gone viral and with the ‘unique’ hamper now being dubbed the ‘Ying yang’ laundry basket.

“I would just keep it, it’s funny,” one person wrote, with many agreeing it was now an ‘original’ item.

“I love it. Upside down and all,” another agreed.

A Kmart spokesperson has said it is believed to be an isolated incident but the store is investigating the example.

“At Kmart, the quality of our products are our number one priority,” the spokesperson told 7News.

“We are currently investigating this with our quality team and believe this may be an isolated incident as we have not been made aware of this sort of printing error before.

“We welcome the opportunity to resolve this directly with the customer and encourage the customer to reach out to our friendly customer service team.”

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