Kmart $2 item perfect for keeping your phone clean: 'Great idea'

A Kmart fan has shared her go-to when it comes to making sure her phone is clean, using a Phone UV Steriliser she found at the popular store for just $2.

"Don't forget that little germinator," TikTok user @cleaningwithanna captioned a video, in which she shared the handy device she uses to clean her phone.

kmart phone cleaner on TikTok
A Kmart shopper shared the handy device she uses to clean her phone. Photo: TikTok

In the clip she reminds people that phones "are one of the biggest germ carriers", adding "It's one of those things we forget to clean regularly".

She shows off the "nice, small, compact" device, which she says she bought from Kmart and that it came with a charging cord and instructions.

The lights indicate when the cleaning cycle is complete, which she demonstrates with an Apple Watch, but adds that her iPhone XS Max also fits.


Best of all, the shopper revealed she had bagged the item for just $2 on clearance, with others in the comments sharing their appreciation for the suggestion.

kmart store
The shopper was able to find the cheepy at Kmart. Photo: Getty

"Great idea," one person commented.

When asked how long the 'cleaning cycle' lasted, she also responded: "5 mins".

Another shopper revealed they had scored the device even cheaper, commenting: "Got one for $1 the other day they were reduced even further!"

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