Kmart headboard hack transforms bedroom for $29: 'Love it'

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Gold Coast mum Rose O'Brien stunned a Facebook Kmart hacks group with her first-ever post showing off her new king-sized headboard that she created using a $29 Kmart rug. 

The post quickly garnered almost 200 likes for her simple but effective idea.

Kmart headboard hack
A woman has transformed her bedroom with a Kmart hack. Photo: Facebook

"Used the $29 Herringbone rug to create a king bed head," Rose stated in her post.


"What an original idea, looks great," one follower said. "Love it," another added.

When quizzed about what bed frame she had, Rose admitted that she constructed that as well!

"I made one using some cheap timber from Bunnings," she confessed. "All up $30 for timber and $29 for the mat equals a cheap and stylish bedhead!"

 $29 Herringbone Rug from Kmart
She used the $29 Herringbone Rug from Kmart. Photo: Facebook

The Queensland mum of six and grandmother of two explained that it was her new bed linen that prompted her to get inventive and make a headboard for her bed.


"I had been looking at bedheads for a while and when I bought the bed cover, I loved the wooden buttons so wanted a natural looking bedhead to match," Rose tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "When I saw the rug at Kmart, the idea for a timber frame just popped into my head. And the rest is history."

Woman covers headboard with a rug
The rug looks stunning as a headboard cover. Photo: Facebook

While it may have been her first time posting one of her projects to fellow hackers, it's not her first time as a DIY enthusiast.

"I've always been crafty," Rose tells us. "I love looking at the finished product, turning nothing into something. It gives me a sense of accomplishment."

And with the positive feedback she received from the group, it probably won't be her last post either!

DIYers get inventive with Kmart's faux cowhide rug. Photo: Facebook
DIYers get inventive with Kmart's faux cowhide rug. Photo: Facebook

She's not the first person to repurpose Kmart rugs however. Group members have shared their innovative projects including glamming up vanity stools with faux fur rugs, covering bar stool in faux sheepskins and even creating a doggy coat out of a Kmart paw print dog rug!

However one project that seems to have been fairly popular in the past is using the faux cowhides to cover furniture to stunning effect. Hacking enthusiasts have shown just how effective they look covering chairs, benches and stools.

And while the cowhides are not part of Kmarts current offering, they're a classic that is sure to return in the not too distant future. So start planningyour next rug hack now.

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