Kmart shoppers in lockdown 'so jealous' as Christmas range is dropped

Kmart’s Christmas range has dropped in stores across the country with excited shoppers already stocking up on festive homewares, decorations, and tableware.

Ecstatic Shoppers have already taken to social media this week to let fellow Kmart fans know that the store’s long-awaited Christmas stock is here.

Kmart logo
Kmart’s Christmas range has dropped in stores across the country. Photo: AAP

“Christmas items spotted at Kmart,” one excited shopper posted on Facebook alongside pictures of the new stock including mini nutcrackers, large decorative Santas and wooden advent calendars.

“It’s happening!! Christmas is on the way!!” another shopper shared in the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook page.

Kmart Christmas
Shoppers have shared their Kmart finds in store. Photo: Facebook

But while some shoppers were able to head to their local store to check out stock, those in lockdown aren’t able to get their hands on them, not even online.

“Firstly I want to say I am so sorry to members in lockdown, this post is not meant to upset you, I hope you can look forward to Christmas with positivity and happiness towards better times ahead,” the excited shopper continued.


While some Christmas goodies are being featured on the Kmart website, customers aren’t actually able to order them yet.

Much to the disappointment of shoppers currently in lockdown across New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria online orders of Christmas stock aren’t being shipped.

“You can’t buy online yet - tried to buy today (in lockdown) but items say ‘coming soon’ or they allow you to add the item to cart and then at checkout make you delete them all because ‘not available online,” one person said.

kmart christmas
While Kmart is featuring Christmer items online, they aren't able to be ordered yet. Photo: Kmart

“I am so jealous of people who can go into the stores to look and buy. No hate. Just jealous. Everything looks amazing! Enjoy shopping everyone,” commented another.

“Freedom day comes just in time for Christmas time in the shops. The shops better open up with Christmas decorations,” added a third.

Other Kmart fans said they would be ‘sprinting’ into stores as soon as they reopened to get their hands on the new Christmas stock.

“I need the light-up Christmas boxes and the reindeer pot plants or I might DIE,” one excited shopper said.

“I need that Santa,” added another, commenting on a large white Santa decoration.

kmart christmas
Customers in lockdown can't wait to get into stores to shop this year's Christmas range. Photo: Kmart

Some also said there was a lot of stock yet to be released on the Kmart website.

Amongst the Christmas range were light-up gift box decorations, a range of Christmas tree skirts, Christmas-themed plant pots, light-up lamp posts, and a range of Christmas gift jars and tins.

Despite some shoppers saying the range is very similar to last year's drop, there are a few new items that haven't been seen before, including the mini nutcrackers towers and the suction cup Christmas wall lights.

There’s no word yet on when items will become available online, so for now shoppers in lockdown areas will just have to keep adding to their wish list.

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