'Bloody legend': Epic Bunnings DIY saves $300

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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A friendly neighbour’s incredible Bunnings DIY has gone viral online for not only being the kind act we all need to see more of right now, but also for saving her friend $300 in the process.

Taking to a popular Bunnings mums Facebook Group, Bec shared some photos of the TV unit she had helped build for her neighbour.

“My neighbour wanted a new tv unit, but couldn’t find one she liked,” Bec captioned the photos.

“Quick trip to Bunnings to get materials and now she has the TV unit she wanted... and cost her a fraction of what she would have paid.”

Bunnings DIY TV unit
Bec created this stunning TV unit for her neighbour after a trip to Bunnings. Photo: Supplied

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Bec reveals the whole project cost $200 (including some leftover materials) and took a weekend to complete.

“It was around $200 all up. That included the varnish which didn’t all get used on this project. Plus we bought four of the bottom legs and I only used two,” she tells us.


“We were out furniture shopping as she is about to move, and couldn’t find anything she liked that was under say $500. Also nothing that was exactly what she wanted.

“So we went to Bunnings and found the legs - which was the exact look she wanted.”

bunnings DIY supplies
A few quick trips for Bunnings had them sorted. Photo: Supplied

Bec says the trickiest part was creating the second shelf below for things like the Foxtel box.

“She needed something for her Foxtel box etc so we just went back to Bunnings, looked at what smaller leg options they had and worked from there,” she explains.

“Apparently dining table, hall table, coffee table and lamp table is next.”

bunnings DIY tv unit
All it took was $200 and two days' work. Photo: Supplied

The gorgeous creation received plenty of love from fellow Bunnings fans, with people calling the DIY job ‘amazing’.

“This is amazing! Awesome job,” one person wrote.

“I had this trouble finding a TV unit that I liked too and they were so dam expensive for being made out of chipboard. Honestly ..it looks great and you did amazing,” another agreed.

While a third said: “Wow! Such a great job.”

Others praised Bec for being such a helpful neighbour as well.

“I love it! So nice of you to do for your neighbour,” one person wrote.

“You’re a bloody legend!” another added.

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