Kmart buy saves savvy bride $315 on wedding must-have

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A savvy bride's 'impressive' hack using a few budget Kmart buys has ended up saving her a whopping $315 on a wedding day must-have.

Tayla, from Perth, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that a company quoted her over $400 for 80 custom candle wedding favours to hand out to her guests on her big day.

Four rows of candles in glass jars with labels that read 'Josh & Tayla' in gold pen
A savvy bride has saved $315 on a wedding must-have with a few budget Kmart buys. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Kmart wedding hack

But Tayla was sure she could DIY something that looked just as good, for a fraction of the price. So she headed off to her local Kmart to pick up her materials: 

80 mini glass jar candles (a mix of salted caramel and lime & coconut) at 75c per candle

Four packs of 25 gold metallic stickers at $3 per pack

One gold metallic pen set for $3

Tayla says she ordered the candles online and had them delivered to her home which cost around $10.

So, altogether, her DIY Kmart custom candle wedding favours cost just $85, and that's including home delivery.


Woman's hand holding sheets of white labels that read 'Josh & Tayla' in gold pen
Tayla hand-wrote each of the 80 labels in a gold pen. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

With a hefty saving under her belt, Tayla began writing her and her fiancé's names by hand on each of the 80 white labels.

"It took me around an hour to semi-perfect the cursive writing on all the labels. Some turned out a little wonky but I think that adds to the handmade touch," she says.

"I'm quite a perfectionist though so I went through a few spare labels to get them looking A-OK," she adds.

For a cleaner, more professional look, Tayla chose to cut around each label to remove the white borders, leaving the existing gold border.

'Very impressive'

So far, Tayla has done half of her 80 candles and plans to complete the rest over the weekend — but that won't be the end.

"I'm going to need to buy more [supplies] though as we've ended up inviting more guests than originally planned!" she says.

Pleased with her progress, Tayla posted a few pics of her handiwork on social media which sparked a flurry of compliments such as 'very impressive' and 'they look fabulous'. 

She's also received some surprise requests to DIY candles for other peoples' special events.

"Since posting my hack on a couple of Kmart Facebook pages, I've got quite a few ladies DM me asking if I could create these for their wedding/baby shower, including my own family and friends.

"I'd 100 percent do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'm quite a crafty person and enjoy helping others in my spare time."

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