Kmart fans lose it over 'must have' Christmas item

A Kmart fan has revealed the latest 'must have' Christmas decoration after sharing it on Facebook and receiving a huge number of responses.

Kellie Gannon took to the Kmart Mums Australia group and shared a photo of Kmart's Animated Large Red Lantern which features Santa Clause and falling snow inside.

Kmart Christmas lantern
Kmart fans are going nuts for a Christmas decoration after seeing it on Facebook. Photo: Supplied

"I'm in love," she wrote, adding, "$65 1.25m - it's also plug in not battery operated.

"Plays different tunes and can have it going without music."


Kellie has already put her Christmas tree up and has the lantern set up next to it and while some people may think she's got her tree up too early, the vast majority of the more than 1,500 comments were people who were also obsessed with the decoration.

"Oooh this is a must," one user wrote, while another added, "I BLOODY NEED THIS!"

Kmart Christmas decoration
Facebook users were obsessed with the lantern with one user writing, "I BLOODY NEED THIS!" Photo: Supplied

Someone else wrote, "You inspire me to put my Christmas tree up now."

Others lamented the fact they hadn't seen the decoration at their local Kmart store.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kellie said she revealed that while she normally puts her tree up in November, she decided that given how nuts this year has been she would put it up a bit earlier.

"Usually I would decorate early November – I've been known to do it earlier – but this year being what it has been, I thought why not and decided to do it even earlier, it lifts everyone spirit and mood in what has been a pretty crappy year," she said.

She added that she often gets more excited about the festive season than her children, "I just love the feeling of the season and seeing the joy and excitement on my kids faces."

Kellie shared that she and her family are obsessed with the lantern, so it's understandable why it's been such a hit on Facebook.

"We love everything about it to be honest the music and lights especially. The kids absolutely love the snow effect – not that it's something we would ever get in Australia – but it just magical."

After seeing the response to her post, she's very glad she bought it when she did, "I'm glad I got my hands on it when I did! I can see it being a quick sell out."

Kellie also offered a tip for other families: "If you're thinking of decorating early I'd say go for it. After the year we've all had we deserve a little joy and sparkle to lift everyone's mood."

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