'Kmart does it again': Shoppers spot hilarious gift fail

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A hilarious typo on the Kmart website has sent shoppers into fits of laughter, especially teachers.

One customer uploaded a screenshot of the blunder to a Facebook page, with one person commenting saying: “Omg this is the best!”.

A shoppers leaves a Kmart store in Sydney on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015. Wesfarmers total sales for the quarter were up 11.6 per cent to $2.5 billion compared to the same period last year.
Eagle-eyed Kmart fans have spotted a hilarious blunder on the retail giant's website. Photo: Getty Images

The snap shows a mug with the words ‘I became a teacher for the fame and fortune’ written on it, however, it was the description on the Kmart website that had fans talking.

The description read: “I became a teacher for the fame and torture mug’.

“As a teacher I 100% support this message. I teach Year 11 and 12 so torture is definitely the correct vocab,” one person wrote.

“Last time I checked, teachers don’t make a fortune. Torture is more accurate,” another said.


Kmart Teacher's gift mug
The description on the website gave shoppers a chuckle. Photo: Facebook

Others noted that the fail has since been corrected on the Kmart website.

Another person urged parents to actually steer clear of buying teachers gifts such as mugs altogether.

“Please don’t buy teachers mugs. As the daughter of two teachers - they have more than enough mugs. They also don’t need more chocolates think movie tickets, vouchers or something handmade and unique. If $ is a problem, a meaningful note is highly treasured,” she said.

Teachers agreed, saying: “As a teacher with half a dozen great teacher mugs, the best gifts I've received were special hand made cards, potted plants (helping children grow ), movie tickets... oh and alcohol. PS some days it is fame and torture”

Another said: “Absolutely, well said”.

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