Kmart fan wows with Dior handbag dupe using $20 item: 'Need this'

Kmart shoppers shared that they were 'obsessed' with her creation.

A Kmart fan has taken to Facebook to reveal how she turned a $20 item from the budget retailer into something that could be mistaken for a $4,900 Christian Dior handbag. Sydney-based mum Natalie took to the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page earlier this month to share her amazing creation using a $20 Kmart tote.

"My faux Christian Dior tote," she wrote to her fellow Kmart fans, showing off her leopard print tote that she added her name to in order to give it a look similar to the famous Dior Book Tote.

A Kmart shopper's Dior dupe
A Kmart shopper has wowed Facebook users after sharing how she created a dupe for an almost $5000 Dior handbag. Photo: Facebook

She shared that she asked a friend to make the label using a Cricut machine and she stuck it to the bag with a heat press.

Many other shoppers commented, saying they'd be keen to purchase one off her if she was willing to make more.


"That’s so good [please] take orders," one user wrote. "I’ll be glad to get some."

"You could 100% sell these!" another agreed.

"I need this bag," a third added.

"Okay now I knew I wanted this cute tote when I first saw it, but now I know I NEED it so I can do this too," someone else added.

Christian Dior book tote
The $20 item from the budget retailer was turned into something that could almost be mistaken for a $4,900 Christian Dior handbag. Photo: Dior

"I saw these bags the other day and was thinking how nice they were. Yours looks amazing," another fan wrote.

"I'm obsessed with this!" one user said.

"What a creation … Dior eat your heart out," yet another added.

Others described it as "so clever" and "gorgeous", while continuing to beg Natalie to make more and sell them. However, despite the begging, Natalie sadly shut down any suggestions to make and sell the bags.

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