Kmart fan's 'clever' hack using cutlery drawer inserts goes viral

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A woman has shared her ‘genius’ creation online, after turning a popular Kmart cutlery drawer insert into a handy wall shelf.

Taking to a popular Kmart hacks Facebook group Michelle said she was “in love” with the unit she now uses to house her collection of essential oils.

kmart cutlery tray hack
Michelle turned a cutlery tray into this 'genius' shelf. Photo: Supplied

“Cutlery drawer insert put to good use,” she wrote, alongside a photo of the clever hack.

Michelle tells Yahoo Lifestyle she had been needing a shelf for her essential oils but wasn’t confident putting one together herself.

“I was initially going to make one myself. I then remembered how dodgy I was with the tools,” she tells us.

“Went to Kmart and thought about that drawer insert and the sizing was perfect!”


She also jokes that it literally required no effort on her part, but is super excited with the response her idea has been getting online.

“I literally had to nothing. The drawer insert was extended out. I got hubby to secure it to the wall with a screw,” she explains. “I cant believe how many people like it.”

michelle kmart cutlery tray hack
All it needed was some screws in the wall. Photo: Supplied

On the Kmart website the Bamboo Cutlery Tray is described as being able to “organise forks, spoons and knives”.

But now it’s clear it can sort so much more. Michelle’s post was flooded with hundreds of comments praising her ‘fantastic’ idea.

“Great idea! I don't collect oils but crystals so I will use it for my crystals instead,” one person wrote.

“Another brilliant idea. How on earth does everyone come up with these ingenious ideas?” another person mused.

While a third wrote: “Thank you so much for sharing this! My best friend has been looking for something to hold her oils and this is perfect!”

And one other person even said this hack could solve another common problem.

“I bought one of these without measuring and it doesn't fit in my drawer. Now I have a use for it!” they wrote.

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