Kmart fans choosing $12 furry slippers over $200 designer option

When it comes to bargain hunting there’s nothing more satisfying than finding an affordable ‘dupe’ of an expensive item you’ve been lusting over online.

Alice, from NSW, experienced this joy when she spotted a cheaper alternative to a $200 pair of black fluffy sheepskin slippers by Ugg at everyone’s favourite discount retailer, Kmart.

A woman's feet wearing Kmart's $12 black furry slippers
Alice sporting Kmart's $12 'dupe' of a $200 pair of designer slippers. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

The store’s ‘Slingback furry scuffs’ are also black, fluffy and feature a similar slip-on design with an elastic strap across the heel — minus the Ugg branding of course.

And at $12, Kmart’s option — which also comes in red and mauve — is less than 10 per cent of the price of the exxy Uggs.

Thrilled with her purchase, Alice took to Facebook to share a snap of her shopping win.

“Really wanted the Ugg slippers but didn’t want to pay $200. Found these at Kmart for $12. So comfy,” she wrote.


A model wearing Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers in black on Asos
The Ugg version are priced at $200. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Other happy customers hopped into the comments section to rave about the shoes.

“They’re the best and I’ve worn them into school drop off and had compliments on my shoes,” wrote one.

“I have these and honestly I don’t even wear normal slippers or slides anymore I wear this everywhere,” said another.

One fan pointed out that while the slippers are nice to wear, they do come with a drawback.

“I have these but the bloody fluff falls of everywhere. Very comfy though,” they wrote.

Another loved the fact that, unlike the Ugg version, Kmart’s option were ‘affordable and cruelty-free!’

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