'Kingsman: The Secret Service' Q&A with Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson

Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson chat to FAMOUS about their new film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Photo: Getty Images

Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson are the bright young talents starring in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The action-spy film sees them co-starring alongside Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson -- not bad for a couple of recent drama school graduates!

FAMOUS caught up with Taron and Sophie during their visit to Sydney.

How does it feel to work with award-winning actors so early on in your careers?
Taron: It's all down hill from here mate! [Laughs]
Sophie: How do you up from there?
Taron: I guess everyone's now becoming aware of the film with all the promotion, but we've had 18 months to process it. It's surreal. We're actors, you know, and of course we have all of that respect and admiration for them, but ultimately there comes a point where you have to just get down to it and make some movies.

Were the cast what you expected them to be in real life and did they give you much advice?
Sophie: I didn't really expect anything. I went in with complete open-minded because as soon as you start having any expectations of what it's going to be like you are disappointed or it throws you off a bit. But they were just as nice as I hoped. Colin Firth is the gentleman you think he is. There was no lecturing or anything, it was all quite seamless.
Taron: Don't fart in interviews, that kind of thing [laughs]. They were all very lovely. You expect to see the personas they present to the world, but then they also have their private personas. I guess we were able to see a little more of their private selves - everybody was as nice as I'd hoped.

Are you both thrill seekers like your characters in the film?
Sophie: Oh, no no! If you asked me to jump out of a plane, I'd pay you any amount not to. I like being physical but not like that.
Taron: I'm not like that at all. I really enjoyed the experience of doing it but when I left drama school, I did not envisage action! But it was great fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Taron, your character gets quite a style transformation in the film. What's your personal style like, and what tips can you share with us?
Taron: Well, if there's one thing I've learnt, it's that, I don't think a man ever looks better than when he's in a suit. So I'm wearing them increasingly, not in my personal life, but in my professional life and I'm really enjoying it. Colin [Firth] does it incredibly well. But style tips, I don't know! I've never considered myself to be a fashionista type of guy. You're always pretty well turned-out though Sophie!
Sophie: It's not my work though! [Laughs]. Arianne Phillips the constume designer is brilliant!

What are some of the most unexpected encounters you've had on your journey so far?
Sophie: This whole thing!
Taron: The whole thing has been pretty crazy. I went to the Golden Globes with Colin [Firth] a couple of weeks ago. That was fairly extraordinary. I've met some incredible people who I really admire. It's extraordinary. I'm just praying it goes on for as long as possible!

Are you ready for the fame?
Sophie: I'm not thinking about it. I live my life in slight ignorance until it happens and then I deal with it. It's impossible to judge how it's going to be.
Taron: I really don't know how life's going to change. You just have to try take it in your stride as much as possible. So long as it's positive I'm all for it.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?
Sophie: I'm just about to wrap a film called Emperor with Adrien Brody set in the 1500s, slightly different, but again a very physical character on a vendetta.
Taron: I'm playing a supporting role in the new Krays gangster film that comes out later in the year with Tom Hardy. I'm about to make a film with Hugh Jackman about Eddie the Eagle, the Olympic ski-jumper.

Who's your celebrity crush?
Sophie: I don't want to say anyone that I might work with in future. I saw that on a chat show the other night and it was incredibly embarrassing when both people met.
Taron: Do you know what, this is going to sound a bit weird because she's a lot older than I am, but I've got a thing for Meryl Streep.
Sophie: Have you met her yet?
Taron: No...
Sophie: Oh my god you're blushing! [Laughs]
Taron: I am. Meryl Street in The Devil Wears Prada. Weird as that is! [Laughs]

Kingsman: The Secret Service is in cinemas now.