'How is that possible?': Kim Kardashian's major photoshop fail in snakeskin bikini shoot

Kim Kardashian is not scared to whack a filter and some heavy makeup on a sizzling photoshoot, but it seems the reality queen might be overly fond of a wave of the photoshop wand as well.

The 39-year-old has been called out by fans after a subtle but serious error was spotted in a very spicy photo she uploaded to Instagram.

Kim Kardashian West attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kim Kardashian West is at the centre of a very embarrassing photoshop fail. photo: Getty Images

Eagle-eyed fans did a double taken when they spotted what appeared to be a hairclip matching the mum of four’s nail’s in her hair, and recoiled when they realised they were looking not at a fashionable hair accessory, but a wayward digit.

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Problem is, Kim’s hands are splayed out on the wall, clearly visible, meaning the finger in her hair would bring the total number of phalanges to an unusual 11, one disembodied.

Or, as most fans suspect, it’s a case of a photoshop gone very, very wrong.

‘How is that possible?’ Fans slam ‘obvious’ job

“How is that even possible?” one fan wondered.

“You’d think she’d had enough practice at this point,” another pointed out, nodding to the star’s well-documented pursuit of physical perfection.

One described it as a ‘whole mess’, another feared for the photo editor.

“Someone’s getting fired,” they wrote.

Others pointed out that the sultry snakeskin snap was intentionally heavily photoshopped, with the reality star’s hair augmented to create an animal print effect, so the extra fingers were no big deal.

“Tbh this pleas a great photoshop edit, if they didn’t mess up that part then nobody would’ve know that it was photoshop as much as it is,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, others were just gobsmacked that one of the US’s richest women was posting worse photoshop edits than amateurs.

“Even I’m better at photoshopping my pics than her,” one pointed out.

It’s not the first time the star has been the victim of a huge photoshop fail, and in fact is not the first time she’s been graced with an extra digit.

Last year in a shoot with sister Kylie Jenner, Kim debuted a sixth tow that has not been seen since, in what many still suspect was a huge editing misstep.

Aussie lingerie model Kelly Gale had fans doing a double-take yesterday with a hilarious swimsuit optical illusion that had fans convinced she was nude.

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