IKEA launches $1 veggie hot dog

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IKEA customers are rejoicing online, as the iconic Swedish furniture giant has finally announced they’re selling vegetarian hot dogs for $1.

The home of the flatpack is one of the biggest hot dog vendors in the world, selling over 100 million a year, and now vegetarians can get in on the action after browsing around the store.

IKEA vegetarian hot dog
IKEA has launched a $1 veggie hot dog. Photo: Supplied

The veggie-friendly meat alternative features ingredients such as kale, red lentils, carrots and ginger and will be served in a roll with roasted onions, pickled cabbage and mustard.

“Wow I wanted a veggie hotdog so bad yesterday. I will be getting one soon,” one person commented online.

“I tried it!. Pretty good, but the sauerkraut on top was what gave it most of its flavor. Don’t expect meat flavor and you won’t be disappointed,” another person wrote.

However one customer wasn’t a fan of the name, saying: “if only they change the name of it, not hot DOG. No, I won't bother to try”.

IKEA vegetarian hot dog being served
It's made with kale, red lentils, carrots and ginger. Photo: Supplied

The veggie hot dog will first be available at IKEA NSW (Tempe, Rhodes and Marsden Park) and IKEA Canberra from Thursday 11 June, before rolling out across all other stores in the months following.

If you’re a fan of the veggie hot dogs, IKEA also sells a take-home pack of 10 for $6.

IKEA pack of vegetarian hot dogs
It's also available to take home in a pack of 10 for $6. Photo: Supplied

“We believe we have a responsibility and opportunity to serve more food options that are better for both people and the planet”, Nicole Kurtz, Food Commercial Manager for IKEA Australia, said in a statement.

It’s believed IKEA plans to add six more veggies items to their menu over the coming year.

It comes after the company caused a stir in April when they released their famous meatball recipe online.

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