Khloe Kardashian's 'scary' Photoshop fail caught out in viral snap

Khloe Kardashian has raised eyebrows after an eagle-eyed fan made a shocking discovery about one of her recent photos being dubbed ‘unrecognisable’.

The reality star set tongues earlier this year when she shared a number of selfies looking like a totally different person sparking rumours that something was going on.

Khloe Kardashian's latest snap had fans doing a double take. Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian
Khloe Kardashian's latest snap had fans doing a double take. Photo: Instagram/ khloekardashian

Most recently, the star had fans gobsmacked in a snap with her daughter True, where she looked like a different person according to many.

“Who is that on the right?” one fan joked.

“I mean, what is with this picture of Khloe?” another wondered.

Now, however, a clever fan seems to have discovered the jaw-dropping transformations the star undergoes may simply be a very liberal use of Photoshop on her snaps, and he has the photos to prove it.

Taking to Twitter the fan shared one particularly famous snap of Khloe looking gorgeous but different in a white lingerie-style top.

Photo: Twitter/dcagiunta
Photo: Twitter/dcagiunta

In the second, the star is wearing the exact same outfit, presumably on the same day, in a shot aired on her hit E! reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

“Khloe... girl...” the two photos were captioned prompting a viral wave of commentary from stunned fans.


Over 27,000 people shared the post and commented, many agreeing that the pictures had been edited beyond recognition.

The original poster clarified that the reality star ‘looks gorgeous in the second pic’ and is simply pointing out the liberal use of popular editing app ‘Facetune’.

Fans spot photoshop ‘tells’ on transformed pic

before after Khloe Kardashian transformation snaps
A side by side of the two photos has proved the 'transformation' is simply a case of very liberal Photoshop. Photo: Twitter/dcagiunta

The two photos are vastly different thanks to lighting, angle and all the wonderful stuff that Instagram influencers are gradually letting the public in on, but it was a few telltale other signs that truly had fans shaking their heads.

Some argued it was simply the angle and slammed what they saw as an attempt to poke fun at the star.

“Honestly I don’t think it’s Photoshopped,” one wrote. “I just think the first one has wayyyyy better focus and lighting.”

“While angles do play a role, it is clear that Khloe’s face has been edited [and] reshaped to the point where plenty of people did not recognise it was her,” another hit back.

Khlow before snap instagram transformation photoshop
In the divisive snap shared to Instagram Khloe's face is smoothed beyond recognition and her necklace has been chopped in half. Photo: Twitter/dcagiunta

In the first snap the star’s face is smooth, and missing the mole she has on the left of her nose. In the right, her mole is visible.

Her necklace has also been chopped in half, the edited photo missing one of the chains on the left, while in the right she has the whole necklace, as you would assume.

Khloe Kardashian after snap, original proves photoshop fail
In the original photo Khloe looks recognisable with her mole on her face, and her necklace left whole. Photo: Twitter/dcagiunta

The original snap, shared in May, caused a stir at the time, though the recent comparison seems to have put the debate over editing fails to bed.

Many were quick to point out the star look gorgeous either way, but that the editing truly had rendered her almost unrecognisable.

“She's attractive either way, she doesn't need to be altering herself so much,” one pointed out.

Others pointed out the images could contribute to an unrealistic – literally – standard of beauty for some of the star’s young fans to look up to.

“Sadly we are in a society where girls, and guys feel they need to edit their photos to promote their image,” one fan wrote. “She is beautiful in both.”

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